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Green Technology For Heavy-Duty Vehicles Effenco Is Nominated Export Star By EDC

Nov 5, 2019 - 2 months ago

By Supply Post

Export Development Canada (EDC) has recognized three selected cleantech companies whose technologies and business strategies have succeeded in getting their products beyond Canada’s borders. Along with two other companies, Effenco was named yesterday an "Export Star" by EDC during the Cleantech Export Week.

“Canada has an excellent reputation for innovative green technologies. We hope that by sharing these

success stories, it will inspire other companies to export and embark on a new journey with the help from organizations that exist to support them,” said Carl Burlock, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer at EDC.

With the demand for clean technology soaring worldwide, the value of this sector could exceed $2.5

trillion globally by 2022. This level of growth presents exceptional opportunities for Canadian cleantech


The Crown corporation is Canada’s largest provider of financial solutions for cleantech companies. EDC

has facilitated $1.9 billion worth of cleantech export business and supported more than 215 Canadian

cleantech companies in the first three quarters of 2019 alone.

"EDC’s support was essential to take us to the next level. In order to continue the large-scale eployment

of our technology, I am pleased that Effenco is nominated an "Export Star" by EDC", said David Arsenault, President of Effenco. "We look forward to continuing our international expansion to support the strong demand and need for our green products."

A growing Canadian green technology

Effenco is growing rapidly and, as such, signed a contract with the Montreal-based port operator Termont last September to transform its entire fleet of terminal tractors into hybrid vehicles. Last year, the company also opened an office in Los Angeles and another one this summer in Paris in order to accelerate its commercial development worldwide. Effenco now equips more than 250 heavy trucks in the United States, Canada, France, Italy and Norway.

A leader in the electrification and connectivity of heavy-duty vehicles (waste collection trucks, terminal

tractors, buses, nacelle trucks, delivery trucks and concrete mixers), Effenco has developed a hybrid

electric system that stops the engine of a utility truck as soon as it stops and electrifies its accessories and equipment. Since these stops represent on average between 40% and 50% of the operating time of these vehicles, Active Stop-Start technology makes it possible to limit noise pollution while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, the equivalent of removing five cars from the road per system installed.

About Effenco

Founded in Montreal in 2006, Effenco develops electrification solutions for the transportation industry,

reducing GHG emissions of heavy-duty vehicles. Its sizable operational dataset gathered from connected

vehicles (IoT) is at the heart of its development process. Thanks to its patented electrical technology,

Effenco is now a global leader in improving energy efficiency for heavy vocational trucks. Effenco is

deployed in the United States (New York, Port of Los Angeles), France (Paris, Saint-Lô), Switzerland

(Geneva), Italy (Turin), Norway (Oslo), Canada (Port of Vancouver and Port of Montreal with Termont).

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