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VAF Announces New Portable “Drag & Drop” Filter Skid For Frac Water

May 24, 2011 - 8 years ago

By Supply Post

VAF specializes in the Engineering & Manufacture of automatic self-cleaning individual, modular and skid-mounted filtration systems that include integrated controls and valves. The V-Series™ automatic self-cleaning filter skid for “Frac” water (V-Series-FS) has been designed for easy portability; available in various configurations for local or remote oil field locations where the filtration skid needs to be relocated. Its unique design not only provides for quick piping hookups and disconnects, but includes a “roll bar” frame that protects the filter, control and piping from damage during relocation. The V-Series, 316L bodies, are horizontally designed for ease of maintenance and simpler operation with fewer moving parts. “VAF is successfully working with all the major oil companies to improve the Frac water quality before being reinjected”. “VAF is successfully working with all the major oil companies to improve the Frac water quality before being reinjected," said Steve Springer, VP. "This process is essential in helping to make the U.S. less reliant on foreign oil.” The V-FS filter skid is ideal for Frac water reinjection systems that require reduction or elimination of “consumable” cartridge or bag filtration. The 316L stainless steel, multi-layered filtering screen, utilizes a “Uni-weld, Sintered” technology that maximizes open screen area as well as the removal of organic and inorganic particulate from the screen. Inlet/outlet flange sizes can be specified to meet existing field piping.

Other typical VAF applications include Cooling Tower, Pre-RO, Desalinization, Water & Waste Water. Unique “Bidirectional Hydrodynamic Drive” (BHD) patented design provides minimum discharge of water – less than 1% of total system flow – during cleaning while maximizing filter screen cleaning efficiency. Manufactured in the USA, the only automatic filter offering a “no leaks” body design (no external motors, shafts or seals); 316L Stainless ASME body designs and construction provides superior component longevity. Virtually limitless flow rates and various degrees of filtration are available from 1500 to 10-micron.

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