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Introducing the New Peterbilt 666 Fluid Terrain Vehicle

Apr 1, 2019 - 8 months ago

By Supply Post

Peterbilt 666 FTV
The all-new Peterbilt 666 Fluid Terrain Vehicle (FTV)

Navistar, Inc. is pleased to announce the exciting introduction of the world’s first Fluid Terrain Vehicle (FTV) — the Peterbilt 666. This new Pete* is an exciting addition to Navistar’s current line-up of eco-friendly vehicles, and begins a new level of energy compliance, Tier 11. 

Peterbilt 666 FTV
The Pete 666 FTV meets Tier 11 Engine Efficiency

Given rising ocean levels due to climate change, Navistar met growing demand for a water-based commercial transport vehicle, designed to meet the needs of ocean-dwelling humans and their supply-chain demands.

Operators will bubble with excitement when they see the new custom-designed underwater suit, the NaviDivey™ XLT. Designed with comfort, safety, and style, the NaviDivey™ XLT comes in matching colours and can be customized with other paint choices.

NaviDivey™ XLT
The NaviDivey™ XLT can be customized with coordinating paint colours.

The state-of-the-art NaviDivey™ XLT is based on the classic NaviSinkey™, seen here in this historic photo. The NaviSinkey™ was not in use for very long, obviously.

Kiss leaky suits goodbye.

The Peterbilt 666 FTV with NaviDivey™ XLT is expected to hit the market soon.

*No not really, but wouldn't it be really, really awesome? April Fools! 

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