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Old Republic Insurance Introduces A New Learning Library

Dec 19, 2014 - 4 years ago

By Supply Post

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada has chosen Infinit-i Solutions as its technology provider to offer its customers a new online library of training resources.

It is a model presently utilized by an affiliated company, Great West Casualty Company, in the United States since June, 2013. The program has been well accepted by Great West motor carrier customers south of the border and is positioned to have the same results in Canada.

Old Republic will utilize the Infinit-i Web Based Training platform to deliver its custom training library, along with a portion of the Infinit-i training library to all of its policy holders via the Old Republic Value Driven portal at http://orican. From there, customers can login and access any or all of the 150+ training videos with topics ranging from Hours of Service (US/Canada) to Defensive Driving and many others. Custom webinars are also available.

“We see this as a way to cement our leadership role as to customer relationships and innovative offerings within our industry. We have seen how successful this program (is) for our affiliate in the USA and it is a logical next step for Old Republic in Canada.” explains Tat Wong, Assistant Vice President, Underwriting, Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada.

“We are very pleased and fortunate to have this opportunity to work with Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada. We feel that there is an alignment in our values so to have the chance to work together is very exciting,” comments Peter Charboneau, President, Infinit-i Solutions.

The roll-out has already begun and both companies will combine efforts to market and educate customers and brokers on how it works. Old Republic customers will also have the option of using the full version of Infinit-i, which will allow them to tailor their training to individual users and compile training records.

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