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Rototilt Aims For The International Market

Mar 4, 2015 - 4 years ago

By Supply Post

Indexator Rototilt Systems changed its name to Rototilt, short and sweet. Behind this apparently undramatic change lies a larger, long-term decision about continued product development and a determined marketing initiative in North America and Europe.

“We see enormous growth potential in places like North America and central Europe where tilt rotators are still not used to the same extent as in Scandinavia, but where developments are beginning to pick up speed,” CEO Anders Jonsson tells us.

The challenge in the “new markets” lies in explaining the concept of Rototilt and how it turns an excavator in to a very efficient tool carrier. The key to success for Rototilt lies in a well-established foundation in the Nordic countries (90% of all excavators up to 30 tonnes are equipped with a tilt rotator) together with established sales channels and an increased interest from end users and equipment suppliers on the new markets.

Rototilt’s investment in modular production – which allows the customer to determine how the tilt rotator should be configured – will also be a significant success factor here:
The international market is not homogeneous. Needs differ greatly from country to country and from contractor to contractor; thus in the future, all the major manufacturers will need to offer customized tilt rotator solutions, but Rototilt already provides this freedom of choice today.

The investment is also good news for the town of Vindeln in northern Sweden. In order to manage the company’s continued expansion and growing market share, it is now making a number of strategic personnel recruitments. The head office and all product development will continue to be located in Vindeln, Västerbotten, in northern Sweden.

“Rototilt is the world’s leading tilt rotator today as a result of our personnel’s hard work and single minded efforts. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together and convinced that we have the right team line-up here in Sweden and our new International markets as we take the next step in our development”.

The name change is also a natural development of the ownership changes in Indexator companies effective as of October 1st, 2014. CEO Anders Jonsson has now focused his ownership and commitment on Rototilt while sister company Indexator Rotator Systems is now owned by Hans and Pia Jonsson together with Åke Karlsson.

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