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Primetech Presented The New PT-175 Model At National Heavy Equipment Show

Apr 30, 2015 - 4 years ago

By Supply Post

Over the last years the PT-175 built a well-deserved reputation as a compact, reliable tracked mulcher for light to medium duty land clearing jobs. PrimeTech has worked hard to continue and improve this reputation and the new model has all the makings of being a state-of-the-art unit that combines the very best of PrimeTech’s long-lasting know-how.

From 5th to 6th March 2015, one of the biggest events for heavy equipment, road building and construction - the National Heavy Equipment Show - was held in Toronto, ON, Canada and PrimeTech presented the new PT-175.

“Our stand was, as usual, in the centre of attention of those people who are either working in the construction sector or in the forestry field to reclaim land for road preparation or to build and maintain gravel and forestry roads” says Area Manager Riccardo Camatta “Lot of visitors were formerly familiar with our PT-175, its cutting edge technology and the easy access to all components. This 160 hp tracked carrier features indeed a fully tilting hood, hinged side doors and swing-out rear winch that opens effortlessly for daily maintenance” and concludes “One of the biggest improvements that our customers have appreciated is the lower weight of the carrier itself. Lower weight means less stress on the undercarriage, lower ground pressure, less fuel consumption and ease of transport”.

In fact, the new model of the PT-175 preserves all the features of the previous model, with stunning new additions:
• Introduction of a proportional / reversible fan: This new fan is not just reversible (ON/OFF), but it is also proportional (so-called variable pitch). Based on radiator temperatures (coolant, intercooler and hydraulic oil) the blades will automatically adjust their position in the most efficient and effective way; this results in less power absorbed by the fan and eventually in lower fuel consumption.
• Introduction of a sucker fan: By changing the fan from a blower fan to sucker fan, the airflow inside the engine compartment changes completely with the advantage of keeping both engine compartment and radiator much cleaner. Cleaning of radiator is necessary less frequently.
• Mulching rotor sticking out more: The rotor has been lowered by 30 mm / 1 1/4” to make ground penetration easier

• Improved software for steering and counter rotating: The software has been modified and the flow to travel motors has been increased in order to improve steering, counter rotating and max speed for better manoeuvrability of the carrier.

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