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Water Pipeline Planning Program Announced

Feb 27, 2013 - 6 years ago

By Supply Post

The Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI) recently announced a new, free, online plastic pipe pressure design software for water distribution, transmission main systems and force mains. Called PPI PACE for Plastics Pipe Institute Pipeline Analysis & Calculation Environment, the Beta version is available at

“PPI PACE allows engineers and industry professionals to easily perform plastic pipe pressure pipe design calculations in accordance with current published AWWA and ASTM industry standards,” stated Tony Radoszewski, executive director of the PPI. “The web-based program will assist professionals in the selection of appropriate pipe class for the required design life by providing an easy-to-use tool that is consistent with these existing standards and practices. PPI PACE was constructed by two experienced and renowned engineers.” PPI is the major trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry.

Standards used in PPI PACE include AWWA C900, AWWA C901, AWWA C905, AWWA C906, along with ASTM F714 and ASTM D2241.

Input parameters for PPI PACE include Type of Materials and Pipe Size, Pipeline Length, Design Velocity for Recurring and Occasional Surges, Working Pressure, Anticipated Recurring Surges, Temperature, and Minimum Design Life. PPI PACE produces a summary report and then pressure and life charts comparing PE4710, ASTM-F714, PE4710 AWWA- C906 and PVC AWWA- C900, for example.

Standards Used

The applicable documents for polyethylene pipe are: AWWA-M55 “PE Pipe - Design and Installation”, ASTM F714-10 “Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (SDR-PR) Based on Outside Diameter”, AWWA C901-08 “AWWA Standard for Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Pipe and Tubing, ½ inch (13 mm) through 3 inch (76 mm) for Water Service”, and AWWA C906-07 “AWWA Standard for Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Pipe and Fittings, 4 inch (100 mm) through 63 inch (1,600 mm) for Water Distribution and Transmission”.

For polyvinyl-chloride pipe (PVC), AWWA-M23 “PVC Pipe - Design and Installation”, ANSI/AWWA C900-07 “AWWA Standard for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pressure Pipe and Fabricated Fittings, 4 inch through 12 inch (100 mm through 300 mm), for Water Transmission and Distribution”, AWWA C905-10 “AWWA Standard for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pressure Pipe and Fabricated Fittings, 14 inch through 48 inch (350 mm through 1,200 mm)”, and ASTM D2241-05 “Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Pressure- Rated Pipe (SDR Series)” are the applicable documents.

“The principal authors of the PPI project were Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Knight, the same team that developed PPI-BoreAid and BoreAid, the first comprehensive and preliminary HDD design tool for trenchless applications of PE pipe used in gas distribution, water and sewer systems. PPI PACE is also able to provide the necessary information in a very expedient manner,” Radoszewski continued.

Dr. Karl Lawrence is with eTrenchless Consulting Ltd. (Waterloo, Ontario) and Dr. Mark A. Knight, P. Eng., is an associate professor and executive director of the Center for the Advancement of Trenchless Technology (CATT) at the University of Waterloo (Ontario).

In addition to BoreAid, PPI PACE can be used with the PPI Design and Engineering Calculator, another tool that assists in greater understanding of PE pipe capabilities. The calculator will assist a design engineer in performing multiple computations relating to internal and external pressure ratings, pressure and gravity water flow, water hammer, low pressure and high pressure gas flow, and automates other assessments for above and underground systems.

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