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Battle of Vimy Ridge (April 9-10 1917)

Nov 11, 2016 - 3 years ago

By Supply Post

A grateful nation does honour you from ocean, land to sea. For the sacrifices you have made as your tale is now, etched in history. To all our soldiers and patriots of valour, where now are thee. Upon the wind-speed of time, your souls will run forever free.

The residential-soldier lies within the Ridge’s hallowed grounds. Now we mourn for thee in a place where the guns did once sound. From trenches of hell you came, marching in two lines abreast. Upon no man’s land, you met your destiny, where many found their final rest.

Under the fire of a thousand guns, you made your famous charge. Forward from trench-hole to trench-hole, you made your nation large. Twenty thousand brave lads we sent, carrying seventy pounds of gear. Face to face against the Huns on the Western Front, never to flinch in fear.

Where they say battle sounds still carry on the winds on a starlit night. If you listen closely, you can hear the voices carrying on the victorious fight. Listen, listen to the winds of war I say and you will hear. The brave men and their battle cries echo within your ears.

“Rally Lads”, rally they cry. “Rally lads, we will stare them in the eyes”. “Attack, Attack, we will make the Huns pay in blood”, was the battle cry. As the most complete and decisive victory of the Great War for them still rages on. For them there can be no rest for the six thousand that died and now are gone.

Lest we forget, the quiet stills upon the air shall never let their light go out. From ghostly whispers, to end all wars, where voices of dead once did shout.

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