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I Often Wonder What My Time Is Truly Worth…

Sep 19, 2018 - one year ago

By Supply Post

We exchange our time for money, that’s what being a grown up is. As drivers we exchange A LOT of time. Most of us try to fit in bits and pieces of “real life” when we get home, before we leave again on our next time exchange mission.

I’ve hauled livestock in western Canada for a decade. I have a fabulous husband who does the same for a different company. We are very good at making time for each other, at least one day a week… except spring and fall, our busiest seasons. Summer is a flurry of vacations and galavanting and trying to make up for lost time before we go back to trying to figure out who has time to do laundry and groceries that week.

Something happened last night that made me sad. I let my sister in law down. Her dog is very sick, I promised to drop off a special med that I had and some other things this morning before I went to work (assuming I had to work this morning, cattle dispatch is fly by night at best) I got home at 9pm, showered and started to gather things for her. Dispatch called “break down, you need to fill in NOW. You’ll be gone 3 days”. Cursing and swearing I packed my bag and left. The dog forgotten, not that I had time to prepare my hocus pocus potion now anyway.

I realized this morning that the only person who can actually depend on me is my dispatcher. My husband and I have a long standing agreement to expect that things are always subject to change. My mother in law often invites us to dinner and I’m sure she’s used to ‘I don’t know if we will be home.. ‘ as an answer. Neither of us have kids, thank god.

My company and Jason’s are similar. We are both valued “dependable” employees. I’ve been bribed with a beautiful 700hp 2005 W900L that I was allowed to custom design in my first year here. It’s “my” truck and no one but me has keys for it. They pay me well most of the time and I don’t complain. Jason has been bribed with a 2018 w900L flat top glider that he also had a hand customizing. The latest in a long line of beautiful trucks his company has bought for him.

I guess you’re probably thinking ‘what’s the problem???’ Well… is this the payment for being unreliable to everyone but the guy at the 1800#? The little bonus for not only exchanging my time but also being on call 6 days a week 24 hours. 

Maggie McCaskie

 Women's Trucking Federation of Canada

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