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Delphi's Advanced Gasoline Direct Injection (Gdi) Technology Is Recognized For Its Innovative Design.

Jan 24, 2011 - 8 years ago

By Supply Post

Delphi is in the running for a 2011 Automotive News PACE™ Award with its new high performance Multec® GDi Multi-Hole Fuel Injectors. "It's an honor to be nominated for such a prestigious award," said James Zizelman, director of engineering, Gasoline Engine Management Systems (EMS) and Powertrain Products at Delphi. "The Automotive News PACE™ Awards recognize innovation, and our new gasoline direct injection system is a great example of Delphi's exciting real-world innovations that deliver better fuel economy while reducing emissions." Gasoline Direct Injection (GDi) Engine Technology

Globally, as consumers and regulators demand dramatic reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, Delphi answers the call with its innovative Multec® GDi Multi-Hole Fuel Injectors. The homogeneous combustion GDi fuel injectors offer significant improvements in fuel injection technology:

• Multi-hole atomizer for improved spray flexibility
• Precise fuel delivery over a wide flow range
• Excellent atomization without errant injections due to valve bounce
• Low injector noise
• Compatible with ethanol and methanol fuels
• Superior resistance to deposits and corrosion
• Flexible mounting

The advanced family of high performance GDi injectors includes the Multec® 10 GDi Injector, capable of operating up to 150 bar nominal system pressure, and The Multec® 12 GDi Injector, operating up to 200 bar nominal system pressure. The Multec GDi injectors offer flexible packaging and are compatible with existing driver schemes.

Innovative GDi technology offers customers fundamental improvements in engine performance compared to traditional port fuel injection (PFI) engines. With an inward opening valve group and multi-hole atomizer, the Multec injector optimizes fuel delivery performance. This translates to better vehicle performance — improved gas mileage, reduced emissions, and increased engine power and torque.

In all, Delphi has nine patents (or patents pending) on parts used in the new GDi injector technology. One result of this innovation is "best-in-class" audible noise performance — focusing energy delivery where it is needed — on control of fuel delivery.

The GDi engine is a key technology for improved fuel economy, emissions, and engine performance in today's market. Already available in a number of vehicles, the demand for GDi powertrains is expected to increase significantly in the next 10 years.

Recognizing Innovation

"The Automotive News PACE™ Award nomination acknowledges the significance of this new injector technology in moving the state of-the-art of fuel injection," said Zizelman. The Automotive News PACE™ Awards are presented each spring to honor innovation, technological advancement, and business performance among automotive suppliers. Now in its seventeenth year, it is recognized around the world as an industry benchmark for innovation.

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