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Veteran Kamloops Driver Wins 2011 BC Professional Truck Driver Of The Year Award

Jun 11, 2011 - 8 years ago

By Supply Post

On June 4, 2011, Lorne Hanson, a veteran driver of logging trucks, received the BC Driver of the Year award for 2011 at the BC Trucking Association’s (BCTA’s) Annual Management Conference in Kelowna, BC, for his outstanding 36-year, accident-free driving record – 3.6 million kilometres without a preventable accident or injury.

Volvo Trucks Canada and BCTA sponsor the provincial Driver of the Year award annually to recognize and promote safe driving among professional drivers. In addition to excellent driving records, award winners have often distinguished themselves through service to their communities and acts of bravery.

For the last 27 years, Lorne Hanson has worked for family business Munden Ventures Ltd., of Kamloops, transporting logs for the grandparents, parents and uncle of current president, Greg Munden. Lorne’s long record with the company has other benefits in addition to the confidence and trust he has earned from his employers. According to Greg Munden, besides making safety a top priority, showing up every day and getting every load, knowing his equipment with the feel and sense that you can’t teach, and leading by example, Lorne is also the memory of the business.

Lorne’s experience driving everything from 5-axle long log trucks in the 1970s for Greg’s grandparents to 8-axle short log trucks for Greg have put him in the unique position of being able to speak from experience when the company requires advice on introducing new methods and equipment. He has also applied his experience and standards in teaching other drivers for the company. Greg commended Lorne for the care he has taken of the Munden family’s name and reputation in his work over the years.

Louise Yako, BCTA’s President & CEO, says that Lorne Hanson’s exemplary record shows what professional drivers can and do achieve. We’re extremely proud to highlight Lorne’s career, especially as it’s something he would never do himself. Lorne is one of those quiet, consistent, knowledgeable drivers who set the standard for others. The industry could use thousands more like him.

Terry Warkentin of Volvo Trucks Canada presented the award to Lorne along with a cheque for $500 from Volvo Trucks.

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