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Minecom - Tracking Success

Jan 24, 2011 - 8 years ago

By Supply Post

No-one can deny that things have been changing in the coal mining industry. Technology is moving fast, safety systems are being developed, and new procedures implemented. Throughout these changes coal miners and their colleagues have continued to do what they do best: mine coal. However, with stricter safety regulations today's miners are not only asked to mine coal but also understand an increasing number of new technologies and their implications. For some, this has been an easy exercise but for others this has been a difficult learning process.

As many of us look to the future, there has been one very clear message to manufacturers: new technology must be designed for an easy usage by the average miner. Many have tried and failed but for Pyott-Boone Electronics and Minecom, with a combined experience of almost 60 years, the recipe has been very simple - listen to your customer.

When Pyott-Boone Electronics and Minecom joined forces in the late 1990s, the cooperation was based on the understanding that any product development must have a real requirement and come from the mines. Pyott-Boone Electronics has been in the business of supplying the coal mining industry with advanced communication and monitoring systems for 40 years. Their focus has always been to provide good quality local service. Together with their leaky feeder manufacturing partner Minecom, having 20 years of industry experience, they clearly demonstrate a great understanding of miners and their goal for all of the operations to mine safely and efficiently.

Harnessing their understanding of both the communications and tracking technology and combining it with the many years of manufacturing experience, they know that their solutions are made to fit the environment and built to last. "One of our key goals has always been to supply a easy-to-use solution that your everyday miner will pick up and feel comfortable with using," said Gary Sergent, project manager at Pyott-Boone. Mike Thompson, general manager at Pyott-Boone, adds: "As well as providing both simple and reliable mining communications the main aim is to always comply with approved safety standards." Pyott-Boone and Minecom have become trusted names with complete control over their products. Their long-term success lies in the fact that they design, manufacture, install, and provide local support for all their communication solutions.

Hard work in the past 12 months has paid off for Pyott-Boone and Minecom with achievements including:

• Over 1,000mi of leaky feeder cable installed
• Over 100 communications and tracking systems installed in mines
• 8,000 miners now using two-way radio

Their leaky feeder and tracking solutions have become the backbone for telemetry, gas monitoring as well as vital communications and tracking. This success has also led to strong partnerships with key coal operators such as Alpha Natural Resources, Massey Energy and International Coal Group.

On 17 May 2010, Pyott-Boone and Minecom had a large dealers' conference with all coal districts represented. After the success of this conference and speaking with many interested parties Pyott-Boone and Minecom are looking in the future. They plan to upgrade more new technologies into their successful leaky feeder backbone, including gas and belt monitors. With their experience in this industry they know that success comes with simple, reliable and safe products.

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