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BX500 Blusteel Cutting Edges Product

Nov 1, 2012 - 7 years ago

By Supply Post

The new BX500 BluSteel cutting edges are made for graders and plows working in gravel, dirt, and hard packed snow and ice. Made from premium Swedish Wear-X steel, 500 Brinell through hardened and weigh approximately 8.5 pounds per foot versus 15 pounds for conventional grader edges.

The BX500 design allows the teeth to stay sharp and provide maximum cutting at all times.

75% of the BX500 blade is usable wear steel before replacement is needed, compared to 35-65% wear steel for conventional grader edges.

The BX500 edges are a universal fit for all graders and conditions. They are easily mounted and adjusted on the roadside with minimal hand tools which means less down time and increased productivity. With the lower down force, the BX500 attains huge fuel saving, reduced tire and hydraulics wear and less operator fatigue. The BX500 also removes wash boarding, while the grooves left on the road allow for increased traction. The salt and sand remain in place and stay effective for longer periods of time.

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