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Loggers Seriously Hurt In Freak Accident On Vancouver Island

Feb 28, 2012 - 7 years ago

By Supply Post

Two men in their 50s were taken to hospital on Vancouver Island after being seriously hurt in a logging accident.

Tim Jones with North Shore Rescue says they were hit by a log as it was being moved by some cables yesterday afternoon in Ladysmith. Crews and two helicopters were called in to help from the Lower Mainland. The men were rescued with a long line from the chopper.

"From what we understand, this log came and hit both of them, knocked them unconscious," explains Jones. "The cold weather was an issue but we had our survival kits. If we had to spend the night with them we would have been able to put them in a tent and stay with them if we had to, so we plan for that contingency all the time."

Both victims were taken to Nanaimo Regional Hospital with concussions and back injuries.

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