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The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Oct 28, 2016 - 3 years ago

By Supply Post

Many construction professionals may currently use driver-assisted or semi-autonomous functionality in heavy equipment on the jobsite. However, how long will it be before equipment becomes truly autonomous?

Technology providers continue to offer new solutions in order to bring more innovation to the construction industry.

As one example, LeddarTech recently announced a new platform for detection and sensing. The company says the platform combines a compact architecture to enable high-resolution LiDAR (light detection and ranging) applications, such as autonomous driving.

In particular, the company’s Vu8 sensor is designed for navigation and collision avoidance applications in driver-assisted, semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles such as drones, trucks, heavy equipment for construction and mining, shuttles, buses, and other public transportation vehicles.

While this is one example of a new platform that aims to improve operation of construction equipment, there are many new innovations emerging that will impact how construction professionals operate equipment at the jobsite.

The days of autonomous equipment on a construction jobsite might not be too far off, with new technology such as this coming down the pike.

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