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A Moving Celebration

May 14, 2019 - 8 months ago

By Supply Post

A Moving Celebration

April 2019 — September 2020

For the next year, we will be rediscovering our North American routes, inviting our communities to hop aboard and experience a collection of whimsical and informative experiences. Join us as we reflect on the miles we’ve covered together and envision what lies along the road ahead.

CN’s History:

Turn back the wheels of time by looking back at the moments and the people who made us what we are and the evolution of rail transport in North America.

CN’s People:

Immerse yourself in the voices of the remarkable people who have collectively contributed to the story of CN.

CN’s Safety:

Take a seat and discover the communities within CN. Inform yourself about the ways that CN is safeguarding every angle of their influence, from the rails to your streets, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

CN’s Scenery:

Catch a glimpse of the spectacular scenery of North America. From coast to coast to coast, you’ll get a breathtaking glimpse of the places only CN can travel through.

CN’s Future:

Look forward to the next 100 years. Explore, discover and imagine how rail transport will take form in the future.

Tree Canada collaboration

Tree Canada is thrilled to be a part of CN100 ─ A Moving Celebration, a cross-continent tour commemorating CN’s 100th anniversary. In honour of this historic occasion, CN, in partnership with Tree Canada, is providing CN EcoConnexions Legacy with grants supporting tree planting and green space initiatives in each host city. Trees displayed at each CN container village will become a part of the city’s urban canopy, complementing its CN EcoConnexions Legacy project.

CN - 100 Year Celebration

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