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Enter Sandman: North America's Largest Articulating Crane Truck

Oct 2, 2013 - 6 years ago

By Supply Post

It hasn’t taken long for The Sandman of Alberta’s oil patch, Doug Watson, to raise eyebrows within the crane service industry of Western Canada. In fact, the latest addition of heavy metal into his Red Deer, Alberta-based fleet may begin to turn (or nod) a few heads.

Together with Surreybased equipment supplier, Falcon Equipment, Watson officially unveiled the largest articulating crane truck ever introduced into the North American market at the recent Red Deer Oil and Gas Expo.

Hoisted upon a stealthlike tridem-tridem Kenworth C500 Chassis, the 230 tonne-meter Cormach 230000A E9 Articulating Crane sat as groves of onlookers took note. The truck’s presence at the Expo, marked the culmination of nearly a year in the making; of which, Falcon employees Blair Norberg, Director of Sales, and Danny Bullock, Lead Fabricator, couldn’t possibly miss.

“I think this truck raised a lot of eyebrows within the industry, and it was a great way for us to showcase our hardwork,” states Norberg. “We’re happy that the truck spoke to the care and innovation we put into all of our builds.”

Joining Falcon was The Inland Group’s Jeff McNeal, who provided the chassis out of Kenworth’s Fort St. John, BC location. “It was pretty exciting to see Doug’s third, and most impressive, truck launched into the market – no doubt, this one was a real showstopper.”

As for the truck aptly named ‘Megatron’, Watson hopes that it will enhance his array of picker trucks that currently service British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“She’ll be off to work as early as tomorrow,” says Watson of his new toy. “I think this show helped us raise the bar to a new level, and we’re pretty excited to get the truck out there to see what it can do.”

Fortunately, Watson is no stranger to pushing the envelope, and already has his sights on more of what Falcon Equipment can offer. Records are made to be broken, and with Watson, it’s entirely possible that next year’s Red Deer Oil and Gas Expo may mark the setting of a new feat.

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