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Meritor Launches 18X Single Reduction Axle

Jun 10, 2011 - 8 years ago

By Supply Post

Meritor, Inc. announced recently that it has taken another step toward increasing efficiency in commercial vehicles with the launch of its 18X rear axle for fast and heavy long-haul operations. At the company’s manufacturing facility in Lindesberg, Sweden, Peter Karlsten, president of Volvo Powertrain and Rose-Marie Frebran, Governor of Örebro County, cut the ribbon on Meritor’s 18X production line.

The 18X reduces fuel consumption by up to two percent compared to today’s hub-reduction axles. “In long-haul operations, our customers’ vehicles may cover a hundred thousand kilometres annually. Together with our partners at Volvo Powertrain, Meritor’s innovation efforts are highly focused on improving fuel efficiency,” said Alex Mortali, vice president for Meritor’s Truck business in Europe.

Intended for High Engine Power Outputs
The new, laser welded 18X rear axle is a solo axle with single reduction designed for trucks with high engine power and gross combination weights of up to 60 tonnes. In other words, vehicles built for demanding long-haul duties carrying heavy loads and travelling at high average speeds. Forestry, as well as food and agricultural produce, are typical cargoes for this application.

The 18X is Meritor’s second drive axle that will be ready for LogixDrive in the near future. At IAA 2010, Meritor introduced its LogixDrive technology which allows an additional improvement in fuel efficiency of up to 1 percent on the company’s 17X axle. Meritor’s LogixDrive system is the industry’s first intelligent axle system. Enabled by electronic controls, the drive unit constantly senses temperature, speed, braking and torque conditions to apply the optimized amount of lubrication to the axle.

Fast and Fuel-Optimized
Customers can now specify a solo axle without hub reduction in certain applications which makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption by up to two percent. The axle has a generous selection of ratios making it possible to optimize the overall gearing in the best possible way.

"The trend in Europe shows an increasing shift toward more powerful trucks and larger rigs. The introduction of this new rear axle is one of many initiatives from Meritor designed to show that efficient and fast transport can also be economical," said Mortali.

18X Specifications
• Solo axle with single reduction
• Maximum torque 3200 Nm
• Maximum axle load 13 tonnes
• Maximum gross combination weight 60 tonnes

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