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FLO Components Becomes First SKF LBU System House In Canada

Jun 26, 2013 - 6 years ago

By Supply Post

Automatic Greasing Systems specialist FLO Components Ltd. is proud to announce that it has received a letter of intent from SKF Lubrication Business Unit (LBU) designating FLO Components as a SKF LBU System House for both LINCOLN and SKF brands. In November 2012, FLO reached an agreement with SKF LBU to become a key distributor in Ontario, of SKF Brand Lubrication Products and Solutions for industrial applications (manufacturing, processing & packaging). With this new announcement, FLO becomes the first official SKF LBU System House able to offer the entire spectrum of LINCOLN and SKF Lube Solutions, for all applications including on-road trucks and vehicles and off-road mobile and stationary equipment.

According to Mr. Len Shipeley, Ontario District Manager - SKF Lubrication Systems; “Over the last 35 years, FLO Components has and continues to set the standard for what a Lubrication System House should be. We look forward to seeing this same level of professionalism, commitment and expertise applied to the SKF Brand Lubrication Products platform. Effective May 1st 2013, SKF Lubrication Solutions restructured its frontline operations and appointed FLO Components Ltd. as their full service & support partner for Ontario. FLO is now stocking a full inventory of SKF lube product. Over the shortterm, the current SKF Technical & Engineering support team will work alongside FLO to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.”

“In fact,” added Mr. Chris Deckert, President of FLO Components, “FLO is pleased to announce it has hired an Installation Technician from SKF to join its current service and installation team.”

Commenting on its new role, Deckert said; “FLO Components has been ‘Meeting Customers’ Needs Better’ as lube solutions experts and trusted lubrication advisors with the LINCOLN brand of equipment and solutions since 1977. We look forward to providing the SKF brand customer, with the same exceptional service and support our Lincoln brand customers have come to expect.

Deckert offers some background on how FLO obtained its new status; “The collective efforts of FLO staff has been recognized by SKF LBU management. FLO’s superior performance and on-going commitment as a team in building the LINCOLN brand over the long-term created this new opportunity for us. Since 1999, we have won five Outstanding Distributor Awards and were recognized in 2010 by then LINCOLN as an important part of their success over 100 years of being in business. Now another honour - we are the “first” dual brand SKF LBU System House in Canada and the second one in North America (the first one in the USA received their letter of intent three hours before us).

According to FLO’s Marketing Specialist Gabriel Lopez; “The ‘SKF branded’ lube product compliments the ‘LINCOLN branded’ lube product, filling in gaps which existed in the LINCOLN line for some special applications. With the addition of the SKF line, we can now offer complete cradle-to-grave lubrication solutions for large operations with several diverse requirements, such as sand and gravel pits, cement plants and paving plants. Combined with our thirty-five years focus on customer service, one phone call is all it takes.”

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