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BC Ferries Works With Communities On Future Vision For Horseshoe Bay Terminal

Jan 31, 2018 - one year ago

By Supply Post

BC Ferries is embarking on a broad engagement process from now until fall 2018 to gather community input to shape future plans for Horseshoe Bay terminal. The company values local community input as well as our customers’ input and recognizes Horseshoe Bay terminal plays a significant role in connecting communities and customers with the people and places important in their lives. BC Ferries wants to hear from customers and communities as we start to develop a new vision for the terminal.

The engagement efforts will gather community feedback to better understand the important role the terminal plays in communities’ and customers’ travel experience, and the regional transportation network, as well as gathering input on communities’ and customers’ vision for the future of Horseshoe Bay terminal. BC Ferries is currently engaging with key stakeholder groups and is planning broader community workshops and online engagement in the spring. This visioning process is the first of three phases of terminal redevelopment. It will be followed by involving communities in a detailed design process over the next two to four years. The redevelopment construction is expected to begin immediately after that.

“We want to hear what our customers and communities have to say about the future of the Horseshoe Bay terminal,” said Mark Wilson, BC Ferries’ Vice President, Strategy & Community Engagement. “Redeveloping the terminal will support growth in the region, and improve the service to meet the emerging and future transportation needs of our customers.”

The current Horseshoe Bay terminal is at capacity, making it difficult for customers to travel and for terminal neighbours to fully enjoy their community. Some of the terminal’s infrastructure will soon be in need of replacement, making it a good time to explore how the terminal can make better use of its existing footprint while also focusing on environmental sustainability. With technology evolving and new generations shifting their modes of travel, transportation in the region is also changing quickly, and these are trends BC Ferries needs to keep pace with and plan for.

“We appreciate the process BC Ferries is undertaking for the future vision of Horseshoe Bay terminal and their efforts to ensure our voices are heard,” said Diana Mumford, Chair of the Southern Sunshine Coast Ferry Advisory Committee. “This visioning process will ensure any future redevelopment takes into consideration the voices and needs of the communities the terminal serves, and we look forward to being part of the process and providing our feedback.”

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