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BCTA Hails Highway Improvement Pledges Critical To The Pacific Gateway

Oct 31, 2012 - 6 years ago

By Supply Post

The BC Trucking Association (BCTA) welcomed the recent announcement that the provincial government is committing funding to four-lane the Trans- Canada highway between Kamloops and the Alberta border and begin work on replacing the Massey Tunnel under the Fraser River, and urged the federal government to pledge similar support for these critical gateway projects.

“Our motor carrier members have identified four-laning Highway #1 between Kamloops and the BC-Alberta border as a high priority,” says Louise Yako, BCTA President and CEO. “Completing the fourlaning of this important national transportation corridor will not only benefit trade, it will improve the safety of all drivers travelling that route.”

BC’s place as Canada’s Gateway to the Asia-Pacific depends, says Yako, on an efficient transportation network with capacity for growth.

“Container traffic through the Port of Vancouver is poised to grow, but that growth potential is constrained by Lower Mainland traffic congestion,” adds Yako. “The new Port Mann Bridge, Highway #1 expansion and South Fraser Perimeter Road will be a huge help, but clearly the Massey Tunnel is a massive choke point that needs to be addressed within a predictable timeframe.”

BCTA believes these transportation projects will benefit Canada as a whole, and therefore the federal government should join the Province in ensuring the projects can be delivered in a timely fashion.

“Through federal-provincial cooperation, we’ve seen some critical highway improvements realized in BC over the past decade,” says Yako, pointing to projects such as improvements to Highway #1 through the Kicking Horse Canyon. “Support from all levels of government is necessary to ensure our transportation system keeps pace with the projected growth in Asia- Pacific trade.”

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