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Trailer Rollover Stability Support System Proven To Be Ideal Protection

Mar 26, 2013 - 6 years ago

By Supply Post

Meritor WABCO, a leader in integrated safety and efficiency technology for the North American commercial vehicle industry, has combined comprehensive features that include auto lift axle control and tire inflation data management into its newly released Rollover Stability Support (RSS) 1M trailer stability control system. These features provide additional benefits by controlling and monitoring ancillary trailer components alongside the trailer rollover mitigation functionality of the system.

RSS 1M is a two-sensor, one-modulator system that completes the industry’s most diverse offering of trailer safety systems to provide the benefits of both ABS and trailer stability control integrated into a single compact unit and has the additional benefit of being able to link with a variety of trailer components. The RSS 1M is derived from the proven and hugely popular RSS 2M system, which has been available to fleets for nine years.

“Fleets continue to invest in improved safety through the utilization of our Roll Stability Support trailer product platform, and these additional features provide even more value since both the auto lift axle control and availability of tire inflation data have the potential to positively impact a fleet’s bottom line,” said Mark Melletat, director, trailer systems, Meritor WABCO. “These new features were previously only available on our RSS 2M system that is widely utilized in the tank fleet market. Now, with this RSS 1M added functionality, we can also support demand in the flatbed, reefer and livestock sector.”

The calculated estimate of the rollover cost per trailer, excluding spills, ranges from $197,000 for property damage to $1.1M if the incident results in a fatality. Rollovers are often considered one of the most serious incidents involving trailers, representing an average of 9 percent of all large truck and trailer crashes.

In addition to the potential safety benefits of the RSS technology, Meritor WABCO has added an automatic lift axle control to the RSS 1M to address popular customer demand. The system will automatically raise and lower the lift axle control based on the load of the trailer, allowing for better fuel economy and reduced tire wear.

Tire inflation data management is achieved by linking the RSS system to the trailer’s tire inflation system. It monitors the tire and broadcasts an alert telematically in the event of tire pressure loss, thereby notifying the fleet operator of the tire’s condition.

Retrofit kits for RSS 1M are now also available to support air and spring suspension systems on fleets of any size. The tankmountable kit addresses previous retrofit issues by providing for trailers of any make and those without Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) fitted.

“Potential rollover causes, such as collision avoidance maneuvers, sudden lane changes or acceleration in a curve, exist no matter the vehicle application,” added Melletat. “Meritor WABCO was the first to the North American market with rollover stability systems for trailers, and we will continue to expand our safety technologies and products to help reduce rollovers for all trailers.”

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