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Jeff's AED Florida review

Feb 17, 2015 - 4 years ago

By Supply Post

This past week, I attended the annual AED/Condex Tradeshow down in Orlando, FLA. It was my 4th time attending the event, and I found it to be the most informative. From discussions on the show floor to the many sales and marketing seminars I attended, I came away from the event with a renewed sense of focus on our business and of our industry.

One of the seminars featured Clyde Fessler, the retired V.P. of Business Development for Harley –Davidson, who gave us some insight on how they brought the brand ‘back’ to where it is today. I happened to bump into Clyde later in the day, where we swapped motorcycling stories for a few minutes.

In addition, the hospitality shown by the AED crew was undeniably fantastic. This dedicated group was there day and night making sure that things ran smoothly and on time. Social events, lunches, breakfasts, registration, AED Foundation raffle and the auction evening all went off without a hitch. I’m sure in the background it was hectic, but you certainly couldn’t tell. 

Lastly, the relationships created and renewed with our friends and advertisers was easily the best part for me, highlighted by stopping into the Hyundai Hospitality Suite on Wednesday evening to see the sky lit up with a rocket shooting up from Cape Canaveral. Quite a sight for a guy from Vancouver on his first trip to the Sunshine State.

If you can make the arrangements, I’d highly recommend you look at booking into the event in January of 2016 in Washington, D.C.


Jeff Watson

Sales Manager

Supply Post

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