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Ammann Presents Servicelink, A Mobile Monitor For Smaller Compactors

Apr 4, 2018 - one year ago

By Supply Post

Since the beginning of the year, Ammann has made it possible to optimise maintenance as well as fleet control and rental by way of an innovative tool: Ammann ServiceLink, which provides practical digital control of key machine data for compactors of the APR, APH and ARW series. The tool enables information on battery status, usage, maintenance intervals and documentation to be accessed via the free Ammann Service App or the Service Portal.

Ammann ServiceLink is a hardware upgrade in the form of a relay that has been integrated in all battery-powered lightweight compactors produced by the construction machine manufacturer Ammann since January 2018. It brings the compactor operator significant advantages such as simplified digital monitoring of machine data including battery status and operating and maintenance times. It also reduces downtime caused by recharging or expensive battery changes. Low battery levels are recognised promptly, enabling charging processes to be adapted to operating requirements. This represents significant relief, especially with regard to larger fleets and machine rentals. A technician can mark replacement parts as missing on the machine – this information is then automatically available everywhere the next time the app is used.

The Wi-Fi-aided system has additional benefits with regard to planning construction site operations and fleet management. The app provides a clear overview of stored data – for instance in the form of an hours-run meter. Users can plan maintenance intervals in adequate time for optimum efficiency. The system informs the dealer or user by email that the machine is due for servicing or if the battery voltage has reached a critical level.

On-site inspections are unnecessary. The next maintenance interval is displayed automatically when maintenance work is completed. The timing of the next maintenance is calculated on the basis of either the accumulated operating hours or the time interval. The information stored in the machine includes previous maintenance and service activities. ServiceLink makes it easy for the head office to plan maintenance work and inspections. Information relating to upcoming maintenance work can be sent to the machine. The on-site technician can then read out the data and begin the necessary tasks.

Fleet management made easy
ServiceLink simplifies and reduces the number of work steps. It provides a clear overview of fleet and rental management. Access to stored machine start data and operating hours enables customers and employers to be accurately billed. Over the App, Ammann ServiceLink provides a clearly designed list of the machine fleet together with the most recent information. A number of work steps are no longer necessary: Operating hours are readily available because the machine status and its maintenance history are stored on the machine and can be viewed on mobile devices and via the Service Portal on computers. The app makes it easy to track routine maintenance operations. The machine data collected by the software makes it possible to generate an accurate invoice at the end of a leasing period. The ServiceLink relay has been an integral component of all new electric-start compactors worldwide since the beginning of 2018. ServiceLink can also be retrofitted to older machines equipped with a battery up to 30 V. Installation in new machines is included in the price; a fee is charged for installation in older machines. The ServiceLink system makes construction machine manufacturer Ammann once again a pioneer in the field asthe first provider to offer end customers digital access to machines of the lightweight compactor category. Integration in heavy compactors is planned for the future.

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