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Kubota Excavator Rodeo Finals A Hit In Edmonton

Nov 29, 2011 - 8 years ago

By Supply Post

After eight regional qualifying events held across B.C. in the spring, and Alberta in the fall, the Kubota Excavator Rodeo Finals were held at Northlands Park in Edmonton on Nov. 5th. Qualifiers from each regional event earned a spot in the finals and a chance to compete for the top prize, a brand new Kubota RTV500 utility vehicle valued at $10,000. Plus, second and third place finalists would take home Future Shop gift certificates worth $2,000 and $1,000 respectively.

The final competition consisted of two tests of an excavator operator’s skill. Each test emphasized the need to be not only fast, but smooth to achieve the best results. The lowest combined time for the two tests determined the winner.

In the end, after each competitor completed both tests, only 3 seconds separated first from third. Matthew Feenstra from Agassiz, B.C. had the fastest combined time of 2:28.66. Gary Matvenko from Armstrong, B.C. was second with a time of 2:29.13, and Justin Moraze from Calgary, Alberta at 2:31.75 was third. Congratulations to the top three finalists and to all the competitors in this year’s Kubota Excavator Rodeos.

For a complete listing of finalists and times, please go to and click on Inside Kubota/Events.

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