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Ritchie Bros. hosting antique car auction in Drake, SK featuring restored Model Ts

Aug 17, 2017 - 2 years ago

By Supply Post

Collectors Jim and Bill Ewert will sell vintage cars from 1915 – 1933 with Ritchie Bros. on August 19

Selling their prized collection of antique cars comes with mixed emotions for brothers Jim and Bill Ewert. The semi-retired farmers from Drake, SK have poured their hearts and souls into their vintage automobile collection, which includes an impressive lineup of Ford Model Ts, a 1918 McLaughlin, and a Model A Roadster pickup. Now they are putting their trust in Ritchie Bros. to sell the coveted cars in what surely will be a bittersweet moment on auction day.

Jim, who is 76, and his brother Bill, who is 74, bought their first Ford Model T when they were teenagers (15 and 13 respectively), sparking a lifelong passion. The collection, along with a wide selection of rare Model T, Model A, McLaughlin and four-cylinder Chev parts, will sell on the Ewert's farm Saturday, August 19.

"When we were boys the Model T fascinated us and we never quite outgrew it," said Jim Ewert. "It goes from a hobby to maybe an obsession and incurable disease. These antique cars are so much fun to drive; if you want to get looks, just take your Model T for a drive."

The Ewerts have decided the time has come to disperse their collection.

"It's going to be like cutting your hand off," said Ewert. "We've done this for 60 years; our families have been a vital part of it, but eventually, the day had to come."

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