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CTA Gives/Receives Award At Canadian Chiefs Of Police Event On Highway Interdiction By Front-Line Police Officers

May 7, 2011 - 8 years ago

By Supply Post

The recipient of the 2011 Canadian Trucking Alliance Highway Interdiction Award for outstanding work by a front-line police officer in detecting criminal activity on the highways is Constable David Karsin of the Winnipeg Police Service. The award, which is given to the Canadian police officer who was responsible seizing the highest value of goods or contraband from on-highway criminals was presented at the annual dinner of the National Pipeline/Convoy Conference held in Toronto on May 3rd. Since its inception in 1994, the Pipeline/Convoy Program which provides training for police officers in the detection and apprehension of travelling criminals and is overseen by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has led to total seizures of contraband valued at over $4 billion.

“Karsin consistently leads the national policing community in detecting criminals traveling our highways utilizing commercial vehicles to move illegal drugs and other contraband,” says RCMP Staff Sgt Rob Ruiters, National Pipeline/Convoy Program Coordinator.

In addition, CTA was also a recipient of a 2011 Pipeline/Convoy Partnership Award for its work in promoting cooperation between police and the trucking industry in combating criminality utilizing commercial transport equipment.

CTA president and CEO, David Bradley, who was a keynote speaker at the event, said “The trucking industry is pleased to recognize the people like David Karsin whose job it is to help keep our highways safe.” In his remarks to the audience comprising police officers from across North America and even from Australia, he said “I am reminded every night when I watch the news from places like Afghanistan, or East Africa, where lawlessness is a fact of life, just how lucky we are to live in Canada and to have our police services.”

He said CTA and the provincial trucking associations want strong, effective enforcement of the rules of the road. “We have a lot of regulations and rules in the trucking industry, but unless they are enforced and enforced effectively, they lose credibility. When regulations lose credibility, some people will use that as an opportunity to cut corners on maintenance, on safety. They think they are getting a leg up on the competition. Of course, what they are doing by exposing the motoring public and their own employees to greater risk, is that they are also putting their businesses and everyone else’s business for that matter, at risk too -- not just from the liabilities associated with a crash such as fines, civil suits, higher insurance premiums – but from employing a business model that inevitably leads to pricing below what it takes to run a business properly and make a profit. The market does not work properly unless everyone is playing by the rules.”

He said that “while my members are still fiercely independent and competitive and while trucking remains one of the last great bastions of Canadian entrepreneurship they believe that competition should be based on service and price, where price includes the true cost of compliance for all.”

With regard to the CTA commissioned study of cargo crime in Canada, Bradley said “What the study will do – we hope – is to raise awareness of the scope and seriousness of cargo crime, of its true costs to my industry, to the supply chain and to the Canadian economy as a whole to provide you and us with the legal framework, the tools and the resources to take this increasingly lucrative and violent crime on and to apprehend and convict, with appropriate sentences, the organized crime syndicates and other criminals that perpetrate these crimes.”

Several CTA/CTA Tea, Canada Elite members and staff also made presentations at the three day conference. Garth Pitzel of Bison Transport, Greg St. Croix of Marsh Canada, Will Mandau of Markel, Bryant Petkau of JD Irving and CTA vice president, Jennifer Fox participated in an Industry Security Best Practices Forum. Walter Fountain of Schneider National led a session on Transportation Industry Security: A Success Story. Kate Rahn of Shaw Tracking and CTA operations and safety vice president, Geoffrey Wood participated in a session on electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs)

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