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Seaspan Marine Transportation Unveils Its State-Of-The-Art Marine Simulator Facility, Cornerstone Of $6.5-Million Training Program

Jul 11, 2019 - 6 months ago

By Supply Post

On July 4th Seaspan Marine Transportation unveiled its new state-of-the-art Marine Simulator Facility. This world-class Facility—the first and only of its kind in North America—is the cornerstone of Seaspan Marine’s $6.5-million, multi-year safety and training program first announced in May of 2018.

Bart Reynolds (left) and Frank Butzelaar in Seaspan Marine’s new Marine Simulator Facility.

This world-class training program has been developed in collaboration with SeaWays Global, the international standard bearer in tug training, simulation, auditing and assessments. As part of this multimillion-dollar agreement, Seaspan Marine and SeaWays have developed a customized, first-of-its-kind training program aimed at ship docking and ship assists in our ports.

The new marine simulators are a key component of this training program. The Facility provides advanced educational opportunities for Seaspan Marine mariners, giving them access to continuous, real-time training. The simulator training will set a new industry benchmark for safety training, environmental performance and operational efficiency.

The two fully-enclosed simulators feature 17 computers and 12 displays, providing a floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree environmental visual that completely immerses trainees in real-world scenarios. The result of these, and other specialized features, is a completely interactive and dynamic educational environment.


“The Marine Simulator Facility is first and foremost an investment in our people, who have been safely navigating B.C.’s water ways for over 130 years. The simulator training will continue to elevate the competency of our mariners while increasing the safety and efficiency of our operations” – Frank Butzelaar, Chief Executive Officer, Seaspan Marine


The Marine Simulator Facility is the first and only of its kind in North America

Seaspan Marine has over 30 ocean, river, harbour and escort tugs

All Seaspan Marine mariners will receive ongoing training on the simulators

Once training is complete mariners receive a competency certificate, which is maintained via regular review sessions in the simulators

Simulator training covers topics and exercises including maneuvers, harbour environment, towage, tethered escorts of deep-sea tankers and more

Simulator and classroom training are followed by one week of ‘Live on Board’ training on actual Seaspan tugs

At the culmination of the training program course, students are required to complete all maneuvers successfully in a simulated competency circuit environment, to within 30% of the instructor’s time

The Marine Simulator Facility features:

Two fully-enclosed bridges featuring a combination of prototypical physical and touch-screen controls on steering consoles, which aid in creating an immersive training environment

17 computers and 12 displays providing a floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree environmental visual, completely enveloping the trainee in real-world scenarios

The training room is fully outfitted to deliver a high standard of education, and the training becomes interactive with features like touch-screen SMARTboards.

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