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East Kootenay Team Set To Help BC Grow In A Green Way

Jul 4, 2012 - 7 years ago

By Supply Post

Reviewing the recent unveiling of the provincial government's mining strategy, announcing eight new mine and nine new mining expansions, it is clear this sector is growing. This, combined with myriad power projects and the resurgent growth in forestry, is seeing BC's natural resource sector build. With any undertaking in these sectors there is the need to meet regulations and best practices as they relate to the environmental and eco-requirements. Cranbrook's recently formed Vast Resource Solutions, is just the company to help these projects go green.

Formed by three partners from Cranbrook, BC, Vast Resource Solutions offers a diverse range of services as they relate to the environmental and resource consulting needs of mining, forestry, utility and development projects. Their multi-disciplinary team of agrologists, biologists, engineers, foresters and technicians carry an alphabet worth of credentials behind their names, and are highly respected practitioners in their respective fields. Areas served include agricultural planning, contaminated site investigation and remediation, environmental assessment and monitoring, fish and aquatic ecology, forestry, geomatics (GPS, GIS, and cartography), reclamation, resource engineering, riparian ecosystems, terrestrial and wetland ecology, vegetation planning and monitoring, and wildlife ecology.

Vast assists a wide range of clients and offers customized solutions for each phase of an environmental or resource-related project. Due to the diverse skill sets of their team of professional and technical staff, Vast can advise and implement every step of a project, from the concept and design phase, through permitting, assessment, and monitoring after the project's completion. Perhaps the greatest benefit that Vast Resource Solutions brings is the ability to see the "big picture" of a project, and offer ideas and solutions that a client might not have considered, while minimizing financial and time costs by being able to deliver through a team approach from one location.

The company was created after former employees of Cranbrook's Interior Reforestation, which has been in business since the 70s, purchased the consulting side of the business from owners Dave and John Lamb. Vast Resource Solutions partners David Struthers (BSc, PAg), Shawn Vokey (BSc, PEng) and Evan Kleindienst (BSc, PEng, RPF) now oversee a team of 30 full time staff, who for the past three decades worked with Interior Reforestation and have established a proven track record for exceptional client service, innovative solutions and delivering projects on time, scope and budget.

"We know that our team has the skills to serve a wide range of clients and industries, and we also know that we need to plan now for growth, in response to ever-changing market conditions and opportunities," says David Struthers, of Vast Resource Solutions. "Our focus is on sustainable growth of our business regionally, provincially and beyond, with a strong emphasis on retaining and attracting highly skilled staff and enhancing our role in the communities we serve."

The team notes that their clients appreciate a company that can achieve many project items under one umbrella with one point of contact, and this approach saves time and money. Better planning and understanding of the entire project is where the savings add up. All of Vast Resource Solutions' work complies with best management practices, and applicable legislation and regulations.

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