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Sandvik's CH 430 & CH 440 Benefit Quarry

Nov 25, 2013 - 6 years ago

By Supply Post

Egypt’s Stallion for Investment company has developed a reputation for supplying some of the most effective, and highest quality construction equipment, all backed by what is considered to be exceptional customer service delivered by the company itself. This is hardly surprising as the company is part of the renowned Rodan Group of companies, which was founded in 1976 by Ashraf L.Youssef, specifically to meet the growing demands of the road construction and quarry industry in Egypt for high end equipment and spare parts, all backed by the very best in aftermarket care.

Today, the Rodan Group is one of Egypt’s leading construction and quarry equipment distributors, with the group specifically aiming to offer their customers access to equipment from some of the leading equipment manufacturers. This has proved to be particularly pertinent to the road construction and quarrying industries, with the Rodan Group now representing a wide-ranging portfolio of manufacturers through the group’s locally developed, but rapidly expanding, network of affiliated companies. These companies have been strategically positioned so as to support the specific requirements of the customers through catering to their exacting requirements, and supporting them through the highest levels of aftermarket support and customer service.

The hard work and professionalism of the Rodan Group in general, and the Stallion for Investment Company specifically, was recently shown when a longstanding quarry customer, who also acts as a distributor for a Chinese crusher manufacturer, sought help and advice in maximizing productivity whilst improving end product quality. The customer, producers of aggregates for the burgeoning Egyptian construction industry, is a contented user of both Sandvik CH 430 and CH 440 stationary cone crushers, which have performed superbly since their installation. “It is well known in Egypt that when there is a tough job at hand Sandvik crushers are the ones to go to,” stated Mr. Tarek Youssef from Stallion for Investment, who continued, “Sandvik is seen as the premier crusher manufacturer for the aggregates industry here, so when our customer required a hard wearing cost-effective solution, he had little hesitation in choosing the Sandvik CH 430 & CH 440 cones we recommended.”

Stallion for Investment customers’ quarry possesses a very hard 99% Silica rock, which due to its abrasive nature, proved to be particularly hard wearing on the liners of the Sandvik cones. Although performance was exceptional, and well within the parameters established by the customer, providing production of over 150mtph, the liners were only lasting an average of twelve days of continuous fifteen hours daily operation. Thus a new solution was required: the Flexifeed mantle from Sandvik Construction. As Mr. Tarek Youssef explains the results; “On the CH440 the liners lasted a great deal longer, even though the Flexifeed is a heavier mantle with more material in it. Based on our advice the customer used to operate their jaw and a cone at any given time so we were able to switch between the CH430 and the CH440 whenever the liners wore down, thereby giving us time to change the liners of one cone while the other was operating, thereby providing almost continuous production.”

The Sandvik-developed and patented Flexifeed mantle optimizes the crushing process, producing a finer product and greater reduction through the crusher. This is accomplished as the mantle is able to achieve a more efficient crushing operation due to the latest chamber design. Thus through the use of the Flexifeed mantle the crusher is able to accept over-sized material in part of the chamber, whilst simultaneously reducing the chamber profile in the opposing part of the chamber, thereby permitting operation at a tighter setting. This results in a finer product being produced on a “first pass basis”, but also a superior shape which is essential when the equipment is set up to produce single-size products. Of Stallion’s customers’ use of Flexifeed mantle Mr. Tarek Youssef explains, “The difference the mantle makes is essentially improved crushing efficiency. That means, in simple terms, we get better productivity and lower cost per ton. Furthermore as our customer is keen to minimize its carbon footprint, improved crushing efficiency means not only better production, but also lower emissions.”

Sandvik Construction is justifiably proud of its cone crushing technology, with high productivity and low cost of ownership being key features. The development and use of the Flexifeed mantle shows that even the best equipment can be improved upon. Sandvik cone crushers, such as the CH 430, are of advanced design, with high capacity and high reduction efficiency. With hydraulically adjusted CSS and automatic wear compensation, a choice of different crushing chambers and eccentric throws, and many other high-performance features, each model is versatile, user-friendly and highly productive. Every Sandvik cone crusher is a product of know-how and experience optimized by 3D CAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Each model is tested virtually for stress, strain, shock, deformation, thermal loading, vibration and noise under a wide range of load conditions. The result in reality is exceptional reliability.

The Flexifeed mantle has proved to be a highly cost effective solution for Stallion’s customers; how much, and to what extent, is still under evaluation. As well as demonstrating Sandvik Construction’s advanced crushing solutions, it also demonstrates the knowledge base and professionalism of the Rodan Group, in providing real solutions that are focused on maximizing their customers operations, efficiency and profitability.

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