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New 21LC3354 Flat-Top Crane From Linden Comansa

Feb 2, 2015 - 4 years ago

By Supply Post

Linden Comansa recently launched the new 21LC335 flat-top tower crane, which is part of the LC2100 series. This new tower crane is the result of the review of the 21LC290, a model that Linden Comansa produced with success since 2002, and which will be replaced by the 21LC335. Both cranes feature similar characteristics in terms of range (up to 74 m - 242.8 ft), maximum freestanding height (64.5 m - 212.9 ft) and versions depending on the maximum load capacity (12 and 18 t - 26,450 and 39,680 lb).

The changes made as a result of this review have led to an important increase of load capacity with maximum reaches under 70 m (229.7 ft). For example, the 21LC290 18t with a 50 meter jib (164 ft) can load 5,300 kilos (11,680 lb) at the end of the jib, while the new 21LC335 18t with same jib length loads up to 6,600 kilos (14,550 lb), almost 25% more. With this same 50 meter jib configuration, the 21LC290 moved the maximum load of 18 tons (39,680 lb) up to 16.3 meters (53.5 ft), while the 21LC335 moves the maximum load up to 19.6 meters (64.3 ft), 20% more.

The tower sections of the 21LC335 are the S25, the same as the 21LC290, and the jib and counterjib sections are also the same as its predecessor. There have been modifications only on the cat head and the upper turntable, allowing customers who would like to convert their 21LC290 into a 21LC335 to do it by replacing these two elements and modifying the configuration of the counterweights. These changes have also simplified and shortened the assembly sequence of the 21LC335 in comparison to the 21LC290.

The 21LC335 crane comes standard with a Effi-Plus high speed hoist mechanism that reaches speeds of up to 150 meters (492 ft) per minute, although there are other optional engines that can reach 228 meters (748 ft) per minute. Like the rest of Linden Comansa’s flattop cranes, this new model includes the PowerLift system, which improves the load diagram up to 10% with reduced speeds.

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