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Doppstadt Gets Out Of Rubble, Which Is In It

Jun 12, 2018 - one year ago

By Supply Post

Doppstadt's new separation process separates what does not belong together: building rubble becomes a valuable resource. Sebastian Kemper, Managing Director of Doppstadt Systemtechnik GmbH, shows how this works at IFAT.

Mr. Kemper, why is this topic current?
The processing of construction waste is essential for many of our customers: It is extremely difficult to treat construction waste in such a way that all substances contained in it are recyclable. Our new system offers an alternative to the technologies used so far.

Where is the problem?
The Baumischabfall has an ever-increasing variety of ingredients. The demands on the recycling materials increase in return. In order to be able to utilize the ingredients, as far as possible all contaminants must be discharged. This is what our machines do in three steps that build on each other.

Sounds like a bigger investment?
It's worth it! With rising disposal costs and diminishing disposal routes, the cash payment pays off in an economic period. With our machines, customers can turn rubble into recyclables for years, saving money on disposal, and of course making money from the products.

How does the procedure work?
Conceivable efficient: The first machine seventh , the second sifts from the oversize light ends such as plaster, styrofoam or plastics out the third separated wood and stone, as well as any remaining impurities on their density.

Is something new about it?
Nothing new, we are interlocking three proven technologies into a convincingly working overall system. This intelligent combination leads to reusable products: The processes are coordinated so that even the most difficult contaminants can be trapped - for example by the freely adjustable upflow method. This concentration of optimized technologies in the best machine version increases the process and leads to a very good result.

Which Doppstadt machines are used at the IFAT?
At the IFAT we will show the combination for the processing of oversized grain. In the first process step, we work with the SM 620 chain mobile screening machine . Then we remove the films and plastics by means of an air classifier , an Air Basic 1600 . From the remaining heavy stone-wood mixture we remove wood in a density separator and last remaining lighter materials. For this we use our machine HDS-Mon. We are happy to talk to you about the preparation of the fraction smaller than 10 mm. You will learn more about the topic of "Disposal of construction waste" in the lecture by Sebastian Kemper in the forum "Sustainability in Road Construction" at the IFAT 2018 .

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