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Peterbilt Donates Truck To First Response Team Of America

Jan 2, 2011 - 8 years ago

By Supply Post

Peterbilt Motors Company recently announced the donation of a Peterbilt Model 365 to the First Response Team of America to help in their ongoing disaster relief efforts throughout the United States. The Model 365 was presented to Tad Agoglia, president and founder of the First Response Team, during an event at the Denton Plant on December 16th.

“We are pleased to support the First Response Team of America in helping those in a time of need,” says Bill Jackson, vice president of PACCAR and general manager of Peterbilt. “The Model 365’s durability, maneuverability and visibility capabilities will be an additional valuable resource for the Team to continue their relief efforts nationwide.” The First Response Team of America is the non-profit organization dedicated to filling the gap between the onset of a disaster and the arrival of traditional relief agencies. Team members unite with first responders to provide rescue and recovery resources including equipment, tools and personnel to reduce the time it takes for help to reach those in need. “In the past two years, Peterbilt trucks have helped touch the lives of tens of thousands of Americans in their hour of need,” says Agoglia. “Their trucks have helped us remove debris, carry the equipment we rely on, clear roads, and even recover official records and personal photographs.”

The Model 365 dump truck features improved ride and handling capabilities and optimized maneuverability to assist the First Response Team through obstructed environments. An all-aluminum cab with lap seam construction, air-craft grade fasteners and bulkhead style doors provides increased durability, while enhanced weight distribution offers an increased payload to maximize debris removal. Also, the robust pod headlamps feature halogen reflector technology providing exceptional nighttime visibility to help guide the First Response Team through night, and help keep them out of harm’s way.

“We value and rely on the support that Peterbilt provides us across the country,” says Agoglia. “We arrive in dangerous situations with absolute certainty our Peterbilt trucks are up to the challenge. Lives literally depend on their quality and reliability. And they’ve never let us down. “

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