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Case Atlantic Partners With AMMANN To Become A One-Stop Compaction Shop For Newfoundland & Labrador

Apr 5, 2010 - 9 years ago

By Supply Post

As a heavy machinery dealership serving Newfoundland and Labrador, Case Atlantic has carved out a reputation for itself in the construction industry by connecting with its customers. This connection is now stronger as it has recently become an Ammann compaction equipment dealer.

Case Atlantic is affiliated with Diesel Injection Sales and Service which has been providing fuel injection and related services for construction equipment owners and operators for more than 45 years. As a dealership, Case Atlantic has been operating for less than two years. However, in that time, it has developed long-term partnerships with customers in the local construction industry by reinvesting in additional products and services. In its first 12 months of operation, it has been very successful offering new equipment in just about every category including skid steer loaders, backhoes, wheel loaders and excavators. As of December last year, it is now a one-stop shop for compaction machinery.

“That’s something that we didn’t have, especially for road construction contractors. We didn’t have anything for paving, asphalt and road preparation… we needed a complete compaction line,” says Geoff Pearcey, Principal of Case Atlantic. All of that changed after General Manager Ron Scott suggested they look at Ammann after witnessing the gains the company was making in European markets. The deal was sealed when Peter Price, Area Sales Manager for Ammann in Canada paid them a visit.

Engineering quality, expanding longevity

“One of the key things that we talked about with Peter was the quality of the engineering and the company’s history. Given its pedigree and its reputation for quality, I think it fits in very well for us in that regard,” says Pearcey. “Particularly, what attracted me is that Ammann is a family owned company that has been successful over the years. It continues to develop new products and expand into new markets, even in the midst of the economic downturn during last year.”

Case Atlantic didn’t waste any time announcing the new partnership as it took its first Ammann roller to the Newfoundland and Labrador Road Builders Association annual meeting in January for its initial product launch. Price supported Case Atlantic by joining Steve Tucker, Sales Representative for Case Atlantic at the event. Tucker says he was very pleased by the reaction he was getting.

“People were looking and asking questions. It’s new for some of them who were not necessarily familiar with the name. They were quite interested because they could see that this was high quality equipment. They are definitely interested in trying it out and having a better look at it in the spring,” says Tucker, adding that he expects more queries when the construction season starts back up.

Partnering for a full portfolio

The company will also be marketing the new line through its sales team led by Steve Tucker as the point sales man who has already been making in-roads with customers. In addition, it will also organize a “demo days” event in April or May to give its clientele a first hand look at its new Ammann line. “We had our official grand opening last year and we had about 300 people come through,” he says adding that the event featured a backhoe rodeo and family oriented activities. “This year we will do the same thing with the Ammann line being prominently featured and Ammann personnel will be down for that,” he says.

For the smaller Ammann machines such as the reversible plates and tampers, Case Atlantic will exhibit at the landscaping show that takes place every spring to showcase the compaction line best suited for landscapers. The company will also act as a direct sales channel to the equipment rental industry. “Ammann sets up its distribution channel so that we have the opportunity to deal with the rental houses and we will be certainly doing that as well this year,” says Tucker.

Case Atlantic covers all of Newfoundland and Labrador from its one branch located in Mount Pearl near St. Johns, but Pearcey says the company has plans to expand to new locations in a couple of years and this will be helped along now that it has added a full compaction line to its product mix. “The Case dealership started a year and half ago and we have been expanding into complimentary product lines. Now that we have partnered with Ammann, we are at the point where we pretty much have a full portfolio that we are quite happy with,” he says. “Our plan is to carry the full line of Ammann products from rollers to tampers. Between Case and Ammann, we have the road building sector covered so we can be a one-stop shop for them!”

Highlighting the support that Ammann provides to its dealers and the support that Case Atlantic provides to its customers, Pearcey can’t help but draw a natural connection between the two companies. “We had a lot of confidence that Ammann is a company that would be here for the long-term so it fit very well with our thinking. That was really critical for us… the culture of the company. Their business philosophy was key. They are interested in investing in their business for the long-term and so are we.”

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