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Expanded Argo Capabilities Drive Safety, Efficiency And Productivity

Nov 25, 2013 - 6 years ago

By Supply Post

In response to market demand, Argo has extended its capabilities in the commercial sector with the introduction of the 8x8 XTD diesel-powered Argo, a load-tested Universal Mounting System (UMS), a utility box, an 8-wheel trailer, a heavy duty track system and a variety of factory approved tools for specific industries.

“With these exceptional new products, Argo is poised to capitalize on renewed growth in the oil & gas, utility, mining and forestry sectors,” says Bernhard Wagenknecht, VP Sales & Marketing, Argo. “We’ve designed Argos to work even harder and stay out longer.”

Argo launches diesel powered 8x8 XTD
Created with the same engineering excellence that has made Argo world-renowned for quality and durability, an 8x8 XT model is now available with a Kohler Lombardini Diesel. The XTD will now share the same fuel as other machines on the worksite, eliminating the need to haul in gasoline. Its 3-cylinder, 24 hp, 1028 cc engine provides optimal power at higher RPMs, making it an ideal choice for the heaviest duty cycle industrial applications.

Similar to the gaspowered 8x8 XTI model, the XTD features a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs. (907 kg) and payload capacity of 1,340 lbs. (608 kg). The direct drive triple-differential ADMIRAL transmission delivers torque to all 8 tires for virtually unstoppable power on even the roughest terrains. The 25” (635 mm) tires with Argo’s unique tread provide optimum traction on land and propulsion in water.

With a box-frame construction, fully sealed polyethylene body and oil-bath axles, the XT models have even longer maintenance intervals than previous Argo models. As service stops cost time and money – especially in remote locations – Argo has simplified and extended the maintenance schedule of the XT models. All maintenance is now grouped into three categories based on hours of service. To further decrease maintenance requirements, Argo now offers an optional automatic Lincoln chain lubrication system that provides 5 seconds of chain lubricant for every 15 minutes of driving time. The body panels can be removed and the firewall detaches, offering technicians 360-degree access to the engine.

Universal Mounting System increases utilization
A new load-tested Argo Universal Mounting System (UMS) makes it quick, safe and affordable to adapt Argo’s extreme- terrain vehicles to suit the needs of a wide variety of industries and jobs. With the addition of a generator, compressor or hydraulic power pack, the UMS makes it simple to transform Argo vehicles into a power source, welder, sprayer or whatever equipment is required as well as switch between attachments quickly. Such versatility means that working Argos can do more jobs, reducing the need to purchase task-specific equipment. The UMS multiplies Argo’s utilization, improving productivity and making it the cost effective option.

Renowned for its safety, Argo engineered the UMS to provide maximum stability. Argo boasts today’s best Static Stability Factor in its category. In fact, research shows that a traditional UTV with the same equipment is up to four times more likely to roll over than an Argo.

Utilizing the UMS, Argo vehicles and trailers can be equipped with products from Lincoln Electric and Chicago Pneumatic. With the addition of a Chicago Pneumatic hydraulic power pack, a generator or compressor, Argos will work both as transportation and as a portable power supply. Operators can carry and power a wide variety of tools, including drills, pumps, jack hammers, augers and log grabs. The Chicago Pneumatic power pack is available in gasoline- and diesel- driven versions. Lincoln Electric provides a wide range of welders supporting pipeline construction and maintenance.

More Standardized Argo Solutions
Ideal for the forest industry, Argo’s 2014 Fire Chief drop-in package for the Argo 8x8 Centaur helps crews to suppress remote fires. Complete with its own 6.5 hp engine and 80-gallon water tank, the Fire Chief can bring needed resources to attack fires in dense brush or difficult to access forests. It includes a manual hose, a booster hose, a foam system and even a stretcher.

Argo has partnered with Wilcox Bodies Ltd. to create a custom utility box. Constructed of aluminum checker plate, the utility box features stainless steel T-locks, a fixed shelf and an optional slide-out drawer. The utility box fits on the Argo Centaur and XT models and provides heavy-duty and weatherproof protection.

Additional custom add-ons include:
• Hydraulic crane for the Centaur,
• Electric dump-box for the Centaur – 1,300 lbs. (590 kg) capacity,
• Insect abatement and weed spraying systems.

Argo continues to work closely with its distributors and customers to create a growing range of quick-change attachments and tools for use with the universal mounting system. Argo adds towing capacity, traction
For the first time, Argo is offering an 8-wheeled amphibious trailer created using the same body and chassis as the top of the line HDi model. When attached to the Centaur, the payload capacity totals 3,400 lbs. (1,542 kg). The trailer is designed to be attached to all of Argo’s 8x8 models. Argo also offers a 4-wheel trailer with a 600 lbs. (272 kg) load capacity. The UMS facilitates the mounting of welders, compressors, generators, tanks and other equipment in the trailer.

Argo keeps users on track
Another new option for 2014 is Argo’s 18” (457 mm) heavy duty rubber track system designed for heavy commercial use in bog, muskeg, mud or deep snow. Available in quad or tandem styles, this track system includes heavy duty steel guides, enhanced sidewall tires with reinforced steel rims to prevent tire pops and bent rims. The profile of the 24” (610 mm) turf tire is more rectangular than a standard Argo tire to allow for maximum contact with the tracks and superior traction. This heavy duty track system completes Argo’s commercial lineup of optional tracks, allowing operators to customize their Argos to suit the task and the terrain.

Tracks are also available for the Argo 8-wheel trailer. With tracks, trailers follow behind and will not get bogged down in the roughest terrain, including muskeg and deep snow, and they leave a lighter footprint.

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