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Continued Support For Mill Operators And Engineering Houses

Nov 30, 2010 - 9 years ago

By Supply Post

Mill operators often seek assistance when faced with the need to repair failed equipment, to upgrade equipment or to refurbish old equipment. But who do they turn to when they have problems with their milling equipment?

When faced with such a problem the operators often turn to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for help. This presents two problems for the operator: firstly, finding the OEM and secondly, ensuring that they obtain impartial advice. The first problem may sound easy to solve, however, with the dearth of mergers and acquisitions in the mill manufacturing business, locating the organisation with the right records for your equipment may become a difficult task. Also the second problem should not be underestimated. Where equipment fails prematurely the OEM may go on the defensive rather than undertake an open investigation of the problem.

In addition to the pressure brought on the mill operator to repair or refurbish the equipment, the operator is often faced with some additional problems, such as the lack of time to dedicate to the management of the repair or refurbishment and the lack of specialist knowledge to determine what is required. Independent advice can assist the operator in specifying the quality requirements for the repair work and also provide technical input into the proposed solutions.

The need for independent advice not only applies to the repair and refurbishment of old equipment. Purchasers of new mills have recently been turning to independent specialists for assistance in ensuring what they have requested from the mill vendors is what they receive. The support often includes the preparation of the equipment specification, the review of the vendors' tenders and the oversight of the mill manufacture.

Having a background in minerals processing equipment design and manufacture, A Boughey continues to support those in the industry, both manufacturers and operators alike. ABPL have assisted a range of companies through its knowledge of minerals processing equipment and its specific experience with grinding mill design and manufacture. The assistance has come in the form of project management for refurbishment projects, parts replacement projects, failure analysis of mill components, specification writing and oversight of mill fabrication and installation.

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