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Doosan Launches New DX210W-5

Apr 2, 2015 - 4 years ago

By Supply Post

Doosan Construction Equipment has launched the DX210W-5, a new 21 tonne Stage IV compliant wheeled excavator. As well as meeting the latest Stage IV emission regulations, the DX210W-5 goes much further and sets a new benchmark for wheeled excavator design worldwide.
This achievement is marked by a distinctive new machine styling scheme that is common to all new Stage IV machines from Doosan. The new DX210W-5 offers enhanced comfort and controllability together with new features to boost fuel efficiency, uptime and return on investment, with a focus on increased power, robustness and agility.

CoreTMS Fleet Management System as Standard In common with all Doosan Stage IV excavators above 14 tonne, the DX210W-5 is factory-installed with the new CoreTMS state-of-the-art wireless fleet monitoring system. Designed specifically for the Doosan range, the CoreTMS system is a new tool providing comprehensive information about machine performance in a dual mode (satellite, GSM). Because the software in the CoreTMS system has been upgraded to communicate directly with the EPOS system on a Doosan excavator, it is the only tool of its type capable of providing this level of information, delivering insightful and cost-saving data about equipment to help customers work more effectively.

Also available for retrofitting in a kit form, the CoreTMS system is supplied with a free 3-year subscription in new ‘W-5’ wheeled excavators and customers are provided with their own account so that they can manage the machines in their fleet using the system.

Increased Power and Fuel Efficiency

The new DX210W-5 excavator is powered by the well-proven 6-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06P water-cooled diesel engine, which is one of the most reliable and fuel efficient ever produced by Doosan, providing an output of 141.2 kW (189 HP) at 1900 rpm, a massive 17% increase in engine power over the previous generation machine. The DL06P engine offers convenience and lower costs by meeting Stage IV emission regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF), through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) after- treatment technologies.

As well as the DL06P engine, new innovative and exclusive features have been introduced that reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10%. Among these features is the new ‘Trip Meter Setting’ screen which allows operators to check fuel consumption daily (or over a desired period) directly from the control panel and to save even more fuel, there is a special Doosan-developed system, Smart Power Control (SPC), which monitors both engine and pump power and limits unnecessary outputs depending on whether the work is light or heavy. The SPC can be used with all 4 work modes (E, S, P, P+).

Further fuel efficiency results from the electric fan clutch on the DX210W-5 excavator which drives the cooling fan at optimum speed. Based on coolant, hydraulic oil, cooled charged air temperatures and target engine speeds, the fan speed is controlled electrically – resulting in much lower fan noise and better fuel efficiency.

As well as the 17% increase in engine power, the DX210W-5 has 14% more engine torque. The new Posicon hydraulic system also offers a 3% increase in hydraulic capacity, which translates into an 8% improvement in the bucket force and 6% more arm force. The 900 kg weight increase and the greater machine width result in front lifting capacities being increased by 4 to 8% (attachment down/up), while the over the side capacities have increased by 12 to 15% (attachment down/up).

Outstanding Comfort and Controllability
The DX210W-5 utilises the ‘CabSus’ cab suspension system which reduces vibration by 20% and complements this with an impressive 2 dBA reduction in external noise level and a massive 4 dBA reduction in cab noise, further increasing safety and comfort for the operator.

The ergonomic and comfort features offered as standard in the new cab are among the best on the market and include the world exclusive Doosan jog shuttle switch; four work and four power modes; control of pressure and flow of the auxiliary lines directly from the operator’s seat; and joystick and pedal proportional control with super controllability via short and low stroke joysticks and a new system allowing usage of the two-way lines either from joystick or pedal.

The operator also has the benefit of improved side visibility, a new userfriendly 7 inch FT LCD colour monitor control panel, and fully automatic climate control system, more storage compartments for paperwork and other items, as well as an improved layout with the most important switches grouped together within easy reach on the right console. The new pressurised cab incorporates sealing, air filters and increased air pressure inside to prevent dust from getting into the cab (ISO 10263-3).

A side-view camera is available as an option and the control panel allows the views from both the rear and side view cameras to be combined on the same screen, simply by pressing a button on the control panel. For more safety when using the cameras, a menu bar now stays open so that the operator can keep an eye out for warning symbols and the levels of key gauges. New boom lights on the front equipment more than double the lighting available and for better protection, a guard has been added as standard.

The auto-idling rpm on the DX210W-5 automatically increases from 800 rpm to 1100 rpm when the temperature goes below 10 °C. This boosts the efficiency of the heating inside the cab.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
In the undercarriage, the chassis frame has beenreinforced to reduce stress and improve durability. The outrigger frame has also been strengthened by moving to a box type assembly, with an increase in the thickness of most parts for additional strength. The dozer blade and HLink have been reinforced to increase rigidity and optimise tightening between the two structures. The height of the dozer blade has been increased along with an improved shape to facilitate pulling and mixing of materials. The size of the outrigger covers has been reduced to lessen the possibility of damage.

Made from cast steel, the arm end boss and arm link boss and side plates have been combined to increase durability. Piping layouts have been redesigned to avoid interferences between hoses and pipes, decreasing pressure loss as a result. The twin tyre rubber spacer has a new symmetric design and a new tight rim connection ensures no bending and a good connection to withstand impacts from stones and other materials.

To further maximise durability and reduce noise, the DX210W-3 is equipped with EM (Enhanced Macrosurface) bushings, which are also much more effective than regular bushings when greased.

Air pre-cleaners are fitted as standard on the DX210W-5, to blow much of the dust, dirt, insects, rain and snow out of the air intake, to ensure cleaner air is sent to the engine air filter. This extends air cleaner servicing intervals, enhancing uptime and productivity. Doosan has also added protection to the inner cab air filter and redesigned the cab air-conditioning filters for easier replacement.

To avoid permanent engine damage, an acoustic alarm has been added to call the operator’s attention to ‘water in fuel’. If the operator ignores the signal after several alerts, the engine and pump are automatically derated. In addition, to make it easier for operators to understand the importance of warnings and to communicate the proper warning codes, pop-up menus appear with detailed information with easier to identify warnings.

There is a larger bonnet opening angle and height for better visibility of the components - the bonnet opening angle has been increased to 60° and the door opening height is now 1040 mm. The battery capacity has been increased to 2*150 AH (950 cca) which provides strong cranking performance in cold environments. The alternator has a capacity of 80 A as standard. The battery is located inside the storage box, and the fuel pump remains inside the pump compartment.

The Engine Emergency Stop Switch has been relocated on the side of the seat so that it is directly accessible from ground level, for faster access in case of emergency. Star-shaped anti-slip plates ensure that the steps stay much cleaner and more effective and to meet new EU regulations, safety bars are included as standard.

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