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New “Arctic Breeze” System Brings No-Idle Cab Comfort To Lighter Trucks

Jan 20, 2011 - 9 years ago

By Supply Post

The leading developer of 12V air conditioning for trucks has introduced a new version of the popular Arctic BREEZE Truck AC system to fit into a wide range of trucks and delivery vans.

Launched in 2008 as a no-idle solution for maintaining comfort in the cab without requiring an APU, the Arctic BREEZE has been seen as the trucking industry’s most successful system in Class 8 truck fleets operating on long haul routes.

According to Jeff Lemon, the President and chief designer at Hammond Air Conditioning Ltd., the company took on the development of a “split system” design when customers expressed interest in Arctic BREEZE Truck AC for the Mercedes “Sprinter” cargo vans. “On larger trucks, the entire system, including the battery pack, can usually be mounted to the frame rails behind the cab or sleeper. Along with the Sprinter, we found that there is a wide range of light and heavy trucks that need a no-idle AC system too, but have to fit it into a much more constricted space. Splitting the AC system into two separate components gives us the flexibility to fit these smaller vehicles.”

The new system packages the AC components so that the condenser and fan are mounted externally, while the compressor and motor are located inside the cab.

“Part of the secret to our success with the system is the efficiency of its motor,” Lemon explains. “It’s extremely compact and quiet, so it won’t disturb anyone while they sleep in cool comfort in their cab.”

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