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The AUCOS Auto Coupling System Is Improving Transportation Safety And Efficiency For Container Handling:

Jul 10, 2017 - 2 years ago

By Supply Post

The AUCOS Auto Coupling System Is Improving Transportation Safety And Efficiency For Container Handling:Partnership between Magnum Trailer and Equipment Ltd of Abbotsford Canada and RMM Metternich Mechatronics Gmbh of Buchholz Germany working together with a vision to improve Port and Intermodal throughput and safety has yielded noteworthy results.

The RMM AUCOS automatic coupling solution (AUCOSystem) has completed its first year of operation at Long Beach Container Terminal in California (LBCT). The results are impressive!

The AUCOSystem is a solution which automatically connects all air, electric and data through the tractor fifth wheel when it connects with the trailer kingpin. The solution was first adopted in the Americas by LBCT with the objective to reduce the yard truck operator’s exposure to injury during the “glad handing” process of manually connecting the air lines between yard tractor and terminal container trailer. Additional benefits of improving throughput were also achieved after making simple hand off adjustments at the container terminal. Magnum is very impressed by the feedback they’ve received from LBCT. LBCT has reported that they achieved their ROI very quickly, have trouble free operations, and the AUCOSystem has greatly reduced injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls. The combination of improving safety and improving the throughput of containers were the goals of this project. Magnum achieved it, and with a quick payback to the customer.

“The partnership and co-operation with RMM seemed like the perfect fit for Magnum. Magnum is in the solutions business, and the AUCOSystem fit seamlessly with the client mix we were currently serving. We went through the factory training certification, and then started talking to our clients”, says Peter Jackson, President and CEO of Magnum Trailer. “You can go to most major port operations, all over North America, the world for that matter, and find a variety of Magnum’s solutions, many of which have been in service for decades. AUCOS offers Magnum to be that ‘better partner’ our clients are looking for.”

Magnum is now looking beyond the marine port applications, and pioneering into other markets which can benefit from the solutions which the AUCOSystem provides such as rail intermodal yards, distribution hubs, even the defense sector. The AUCOSystem benefits most any fleet of dedicated tractors and trailers that have many couplings and de-couplings along the line. Magnum will work with you and your team. They provide end-to-end project support, and certified system training. Magnum is RMM’s partner for all AUCOSystem sales, installation, service, and certified training for The Americas. Magnum is with you every step of the way. For further information about Magnum and The AUCOS automatic coupling solution, please visit magnumtrailer

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