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The Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum Wins The 'Innovative Underground Space Concept Of The Year' Category Of The ITA Tunnelling Awards 2018

Nov 14, 2018 - one year ago

By Supply Post

Through 8 categories and 1 Lifetime Achievement Award, the ITA Tunneling Awards identifies and reward major disruptive innovations and groundbreaking projects. This edition, the event took place in Nanjing, China November the 7th, following the 20th CTUC conference (Chinese Tunnels and Underground Works Conference). After two days of presentations, case studies and technical conferences, the Awards ceremony was a successful finale and offered the audience an immersion in ancient China.  With more than 300 attendees for the 4th edition (day and ceremony), the ITA Tunneling Awards confirms its position as a reference for recognizing major projects and innovations on-going in the world.                                                               

This location is meaningful as China has had to cope with increasing space-scarcity issues and while innovative projects are born to reshape cities of tomorrow, primary needs still concern major infrastructure with a strong focus on massive rail transportation projects and energy transportation means in

Vice-President of the ITA, Jinxiu (Jenny) Yan highlighted the increasing role of subterranean spaces in China for 40 years:  “Despite the uncertainty of geology and complex environment, China completed 45.000 km of tunnels over the past 40 years. One of the main issues for China is the construction of tunnels in high altitude. The Sichuan-Tibet Railway, a mega future project is one of the most challenging as it has to cope with a freezing environment.”


•             Major Project of the Year (over €500M) - The Immersed Tunnel of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Link - China

•             Project of the Year (between €50M and €500M) - The Queershan Tunnel on National Road 317 – China

•             Project of the Year incl. Renovation (up to €50M) - Zarbalizadeh Shallow Tunnel Construction underneath the Operating Railways - Iran

•             Technical Project Innovation of the year - A Mechanized Method with Large Section Horseshoe Shape EPB-TBM First Applied in Loess Mountain Tunnel - China

•             Technical Product/Equipment Innovation of the year - Multifunctional Energy-Storage and Luminescent Material for Sustainable and Energy-saving Lighting for Tunnels - China

•             Innovative Underground Space Concept of the year - Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum - Norway

•             Safety Initiative of the Year - ROBY 850 Semi-Automatic Drilling Robot - Hong Kong, China

•             Young Tunneler of the year - Giuseppe M. Gaspari – Italy

•             Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. Evert Hoek - Canada

•             Innovative Underground Space Concept of the year - Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum – Norway

The Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum is an underground museum located near the Olympic City of Lillehammer in Norway.

The museum was created 25 years ago by the main stakeholders of the industry, to recognize Norway’s close and extensive history with tunnels.

The Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum is an entertaining and informative journey through the history of Norwegian tunneling and rock blasting, with a 240 m long semi-circular tunnel as the main attraction. The tunnel display equipment and tunneling techniques date from the beginnings of tunneling all the way to modern computerized drilling and TBM boring. This is a unique museum, and possibly the only purpose-built "tunneling museum" in the world. 

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