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Warren Rupp, Inc. Announces AirVantage™ Launch, Revolutionary New Technology that Provides Up To 50 Percent Energy Savings

Sep 9, 2010 - 9 years ago

By Supply Post

AirVantage is a revolutionary, high efficiency Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump from Warren Rupp Inc. that saves energy, improves plant efficiency and reduces maintenance costs on both the supply and demand side of a compressed air system. It reduces energy costs by cutting air consumption at the pump, and automatically adjusts as process conditions change to maintain constant flow without manual operation or adjustment. Beta tests and field trials have shown that AirVantage provides up to 50% energy savings compared to traditional AODD pumps. Available in 2- and 3-inch pump sizes, AirVantage AODD pumps are available under SANDPIPER® and Versa-Matic® brand names. This new technology reduces air consumption and saves energy by reducing the amount of air volume needed per diaphragm stroke. The diaphragm is able to operate at full stroke with reduced air volume (SCFM) while sustaining desired stroke rate and fluid flow.

By using AirVantage, facilities are able to run AODD pumps more efficiently. This translates into several benefits for the end user, which includes direct energy savings from running fewer air compressors during peak operating hours, capital expenses related to adding additional air compressors, and greater operational productivity.

“AirVantage can provide a 50 percent SCFM reduction that can result in as much as $3,000 in annual cost savings from a single pump application. Over a five year period, this breakthrough technology can save a facility more than $15,000 in just energy costs alone,” according to Dean Thornberry, Director, Product Commercialization, Warren Rupp, Inc. “AirVantage also adapts to changing process conditions to maximize energy savings, so the operator doesn’t have to manually work a dial all day long to manage air consumption. This product does it all automatically and without electricity.” added Thornberry.

AODD pumps with this energy saving technology are equipped with a microprocessor that is adaptive and continuously manages the amount of air volume required to operate the pump at desired flow rates.

This adaptive technology determines the optimal diaphragm rod velocity and relays the information to an air distribution valve at the air inlet location of the pump. The valve acts as a gated air management system, allowing only enough air to enter each inner pump chamber. Diaphragms perform at their optimal operating point, with less air consumption. As the pump experiences air inlet fluctuations or other changes that affect air flow, the system adapts to optimize the pump’s performance. AirVantage utilizes existing air flow to provide its own electricity and power to the device. This eliminates the need for batteries or hard wiring. No training or special set up is required to operate the energy saving technology, which installs exactly like traditional AODD pumps.

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