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Titan Trailers Roll In Quebec

Apr 24, 2010 - 9 years ago

By Supply Post

After years of competing against Titan Trailers, Denis Marcoux, the owner of Remorques VDS, has become the company’s newest dealer.

Mike Kloepfer, President of Titan Trailers Inc., has recently announced that Remorques VDS has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Titan Trailers in the Province of Quebec. Remorques VDS will distribute Titan Trailers throughout Quebec as far north as Rivière-du-Loup, from its two locations in Montreal and in Verchères, where it operates a six bay service facility.

“I have known about Titan Trailers since 1996 and it seemed like I was always competing against them on deals, especially for walking floor and dump trailers,” explains Marcoux. “I quickly realized that the trailers they build are some of the best constructed trailers in the market. So, when we decided to take on another product line, they were the first one on our list.”

Remorques VDS has sold traditionally used trailers, mostly dump and roll-offs.

However, now the company will offer the line of Titan Trailers including its THINWALL™ live floor trailers, tippers and semi-dumps. Titan was the first to introduce smoothside technology, a double-wall extruded aluminum panel to the trailer industry.

Marcoux says that Titan’s custom built philosophy for special applications will appeal to many of his customers who need specially built trailers so they can operate efficiently. He notes that Titan THINWALL trailers carry more, they load and unload faster, they can handle a wide variety or bulk products, are more fuel efficient and due to their construction, can handle the physical stresses that are part of the job every day.

Completing the product line

Acquiring the Titan line has capped a 16 year career for Marcoux who started working in the transportation business for a small shop that was making about 20 trailers a year. He bought the company and sold it after three years to work for a large trailer manufacturer. In January 2010, he decided to go on his own starting Remorques VDS which has found its own niche offering specialty trailers for applications in road construction, demolition, waste, biomass, recycling and scrap metal.

“With Titan, I will now be able to offer my customers a full and complete line of trailers,” says Marcoux. “I think that our experience and all the contacts that we have in the transportation business are going to be a big asset for us and for Titan Trailers.”

In January, Marcoux visited Titan Trailers’ manufacturing facility in Delhi, Ontario, and is currently arranging training for him and his staff. “I was very impressed with the new factory, the training centre and all of the new equipment. You can see that Titan wants to go forward in the future and maintain its number one position as a quality manufacturer.

According to Marcoux, the good news is spreading. “We have begun talking to our many customers. They are all knowledgeable business people and they appreciate how Titan Trailers can help them grow their business.”

“Up until now, we haven’t seen many Titan Trailers on the highways in Quebec because the company didn’t have anyone to promote their products in the province. But now that has changed and we will be making Titan Trailers a market leader in Quebec.”

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