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Dynapac F800 Paver: First Time Ever At Conexpo

May 1, 2014 - 5 years ago

By Supply Post

Dynapac introduces the F800T 8ft Track paver, a perfect complement to the existing 10ft highway class paver range. The next generation of highway class 8ft pavers is ready to tackle industry’s present challenges and be the leader of future generation North American Pavers.

Power packed performance
Dynapac F800T Track paver exceeds the power requirements for varying job site conditions, be it on a minimum paving width of 8ft or at full width of 19 ft. The power source of 173 hp is provided from a renowned Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 4 Final engine. Having a 6 cylinder engine to produce the required power reduces the load on the engine components and increases the longevity. The use of ECO mode setting for paving further reduces the fuel consumption.

All the hydraulic components are oversized and kept the same as the 10ft paver (F1000) range reducing the heat generation and reducing fatigue load, hence increasing the life of components significantly. Using the same components between the models also reduces the parts count and increases spare parts availability.

The large-sized efficient cross flow cooling system with Hydraulic-driven temperature-dependent variable speed fan reduces the noise level significantly and uses less power from engine, thus allowing more useful power for paving needs. The efficient cooling system allows the paver to perform well in extreme temperature conditions. The bypass valve on Hydraulic oil cooler brings the temperature of the hydraulic system quickly to the required operating conditions and reducing the idle time even on cold mornings.

Traction gains attraction
Dynapac F800T Track paver is equipped with a high performance frictional undercarriage system which is capable of pushing the trucks even when the hopper is fully loaded with asphalt. The entire weight of the Paver is supported by three oversized sets (four wheels/set) of oscillating bogie wheels allowing the paver to run on uneven surfaces without affecting the mat quality. The heavy duty torque hub combined with 2 speed hydraulic motor provides ample torque while paving and travel speeds up to 8.5 mph to transport between jobs. The low deck height with proper positioning of the centre of gravity contributes to a very smooth ride. These heavy duty components combined with the renowned precise electronic propulsion and steering systems makes the Dynapac F800T paver truly versatile for any kind of highway or large commercial applications.

Smooth material flow Smooth and consistent material flow is very important to achieve best mat quality behind a paver. Care for smooth flow of material starts from the time the truck touches the push roller to dump the asphalt on the hopper, all the way to when it gets properly laid by the screed. To ensure smooth and continuous flow of material, the engineers spent enormous effort in mapping the series of events and came out with the industry’s best innovative features. Patented Safe Impact push roller systems, Chamfered Hoppers, the dual bar feed conveyors and world’s thinnest auger chain box are some of those innovative features ensuring best flow of material to achieve the best mat quality.

Dynapac F800 series pavers will be equipped with the optional Patented Safe impact push roller system which solves the problem of trucks bumping into the paver. When a truck bumps into the paver, the Safe impact push roller system absorbs the shock and ensures the shock is not transmitted to the screed, which is very normal with the conventional push roller systems.

The material hopper can hold up to 13.5 tons of asphalt which is on par with the largest material hoppers available in this class of machines. Innovative chamfered corners reduces the sticking of asphalt at the corners and also allows ease of cleaning with the shovels at the end of paving. Dynapac F800 series pavers will also be equipped with optional hydraulically operated aprons which eliminate the material spillage at the front and also allow easy dumping of residual asphalt back into the hopper.

The independently controlled dual bar feed conveyor system combined with large auger flights ensures continuous flow of material. The 17” diameter auger flight is the largest in the industry, attached to the world’s thinnest 6” center chain box, eliminating the centerline segregation. Both auger and conveyor speed control is achieved thru a precise integrated feed control system using 4 ultrasonic sensors. The optional integrated hydraulic tunnel eliminates the material spillage towards the track and provides optimal head of material.

The operator is in control
The paving operation in general requires lot of attention from the operator to make proper adjustment to the paver and also constantly communicate to the truck driver and screed operator. That’s why Atlas Copco always follows the “Keep it simple and make it work” philosophy. This is ensured in the F800 series paver as well, with dual swing out operator consoles fitted with simple toggle switches and controls enabling the operator to focus on the paving process not the paver itself. The switches are grouped for the specific operation and frequency of its use, allowing operators to react quickly for the varying job site conditions. Both operator consoles are fitted with electronic displays which provide accurate information of paving parameters.

Visibility is one of the key factors when it comes to pavers. F800 series pavers are designed with operator visibility as No.1 key factor as was done with the 10ft paver series. The low operating deck and engine cover height, dual swing out operator consoles and proper positioning of the operator station closer to the auger compartment make the operator constantly in communication with truck driver and screed men to control and achieve best paving process.

Industry leading legendary Carlson Screed
The screed gets same importance as the paver to achieve best mat quality. That’s why Dynapac offers the F800 series pavers with industry-leading legendary Carlson EZ08-15 front mounted electrical screed. Options like safety edges, berm attachments and bolt on extensions are also offered.

Controls for the screed operator are still fitted with simplified toggle switches, enabling access even with gloved hands. The load sensing hydraulic system provides faster response to varying widths and slope changes and consumes less power.

Power for screed electrical heating is provided by a tractor-mounted, generously oversized, 34kV hydraulically-driven generator. The generator also provides ample reserve power to connect night lighting accessories and wide width packages. The unique feature of the generator system is the frequency control at 60Hz all the time regardless of the load or speed of the engine enabling connection of frequency- dependent tools or accessories.

Maximizing uptime
Dynapac F800 series is designed to maximize your uptime with simplified service concepts. It all starts with using off-the-shelf hydraulic and electrical components. The hydraulic system is fitted with redundant circuits and manual overrides to keep the paver up and running all the time, and also has quick disconnect fittings to test the pressures spillage-free.

The pavers are getting more complicated over the years to work or troubleshoot. With Dynapac F800 series paver, this problem is solved by simple relay logic system and a reduced number of computers, enabling very easy way of tracking the electrical system. The DP200 display on both consoles provides engine and paver related fault codes, making it easier for the operator and technicians to understand the situation and take corrective action. Calibration of the hydraulic pumps and electrical devices such as joysticks are possible from DP200 display itself, hence removing the need of laptop at the jobsite.

The central location of all the filters and other maintenance related items reduces the time required to do the scheduled preventive maintenance. With Cummins Tier IV technology, the maintenance interval on the engine is increased to 500 hrs.

Environmental benefits
Atlas Copco is proud to announce that they are the first manufacturer to produce Highway class 8ft pavers with Tier IV final emission norms to North America. The Tier 4 final engine reduces exhaust emission of Particulate Matter by 90% and NOx by 90%. Noise is also kept down through the use of a hydraulically-driven, temperature- controlled cooling fan.

The ECO mode combined with an improved common rail technology engine reduces the fuel consumption significantly over previous generation engines.

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