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Kubota Excavator Rodeo Comes To Ontario With 14 Events Planned This Summer

May 15, 2010 - 9 years ago

By Supply Post

The Kubota Excavator Rodeo (KER) series started last year in the Province of BC with six KER events throughout the province.

The popularity of the KER (Kubota Excavator Rodeo) events grew and has spread this year to include six in B.C. and 4 KER events in Alberta running in April and May of this year.

Coming to Ontario for the first time in 2010, 14 KER Events will be held from the end of June through to the beginning of August as well as one KER event in September.

KER’s are comprised of 3 timed skills tests. Registered participants will be timed on each test and the three times will be combined to determine the event’s 3 lowest times. The best three times will win Kubota Excavator Rodeo jackets shirts and trophies. In addition, gift certificates worth $300 for first $200 for second and $100 for third place will also be awarded. Each participant also gets a keepsake from the KER event.

Kubota Canada will also have their new Kubota On Tour (KOT) transporter on site. The KOT allows KER attendees to explore Kubota’s 35 year history in Canada as well as the 120th anniversary of Kubota Corporation in Osaka Japan. There are 8 touch screen terminals used for exploring as well as the Kubota Store where you can pick up official Kubota Gear. An interactive information centre contains current literature on any Kubota product that may interest you.

Inside the KOT transporter we will be carrying samples of the all-new 75 hp SVL75 and 90 hp SLV90 Kubota Compact Track Loaders for you to see and take a demo if you like.

The KER’s run from 1 pm to 7 pm and food will be provided.Be sure to go to and click on the KER logo for more information including the KER video which will further explain the event.

See the dates and locations below and feel free to pre-register by calling the number of the KER event where you wish to participate, or register on site.

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