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Lafarge Leading Cement Bag Market With Safety Mindset

Apr 30, 2012 - 7 years ago

By Supply Post

Lafarge is committed to improving the health and safety of its employees, customers and other stakeholders worldwide. Based on the Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety's (CCOHS) heavy lifting recommendations, Lafarge has introduced new bagged portland cement packaging in Canada's Prairies market.

CCOHS states that 23 kilograms is the most an individual should lift on a regular basis. After studying customer usage of the traditional 40kg cement bags, Lafarge chose a 20kg bag so that mix designs can easily be adjusted.

"We recognize that people seriously injure their backs when repeatedly lifting heavy items both at home and at work," comments Bob Cooper, President- Cement in Western Canada. "Lafarge is proud to lead the bagged cement market by putting Health & Safety as a first priority," he continued.

The new 20kg cement bag also follows a broader packaged good trend. From stones to flour, 20kg is a standard size for easy transport and use. Lafarge has branded its 20kg offering as the Backsaver Bag. It is available in local lumber stores and do-it-yourself retailers across the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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