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Terex Sand And Gravel Washplant In Tropical Trinidad

Jun 26, 2013 - 6 years ago

By Supply Post

Readymix (W.I.) is one of Trinidad’s top producers of high quality concrete and related products and was in need of a new wash plant to replace their existing plant that was challenged with inefficiencies and maintenance and production issues. Readymix (W.I.) chose to work with DUO PLC, who has more than 35 years of industry experience and is also well known within the Caribbean region. After careful analysis of Readymix’s specific requirements, paying particular attention to the varied high silt feed material, DUO proposed a custom Terex Washing Systems’ plant that is now effectively processing clay bound sand and gravel to produce three aggregates and one grade of sand while operating at 200 tons per hour.

Readymix (W.I) selected a Terex plant over other options specifically due to the expertise DUO and Terex offered in the field and the ability to provide a comprehensive sales and support package. Ravi Singh, Quarry Manager for ReadyMix (W.I.), commented, “DUO and Terex thoroughly investigated the product to be processed; analyzing it thoroughly and from this designed a bespoke plant most suited to our individual needs. In addition they provided a dedicated team of engineers, sales and aftersales technicians to support throughout the plant installation and commissioning process.” The plant consists of an H 9 feeder, 206R screenbox, FM 200 C cyclone, 146 dewatering screen, PS 200R logwasher, 165D dry screen, two lattice frame feed conveyors and four TC 4026 conveyors to achieve the customer’s desired grades.

Luke Talbot, International Sales Manager for DUO, commented, “We were delighted when Readymix selected DUO as their preferred supplier for the washplant, which reinforces the success of our previous projects installed in this market and shows the strength of our reputation in the region. The new plant has been very well received and will certainly add a new dimension and increased efficiency to their overall production.”

Ravi Singh added, “This new plant has replaced an existing barrel type washing plant. The maintenance costs on the old plant were extremely high, which left it less cost effective for processing. However, the TWS equipment has much lower maintenance costs, has maximum efficiency and productivity and allows us to be ultimately much more competitive in the market. The newly designed plant also allows us to get a cleaner, more desirable product.”

Following a recent trip to the Trinidad site, Fergal McPhillips, Sales Manager TWS, commented, “The plant is effectively addressing Readymix’s problems. It is achieving excellent results by being much more efficient while generating outstanding commercial output and dealing with the demands of the construction market.”

The wash plant has been in operation for one month now and Ravi Singh, went on to say, “We are extremely impressed and excited about the prospects of this new Terex washplant which is currently operating at 200tph. We can firmly say this is the largest project the company has embarked on for a long time and undoubtedly the most successful in terms of production. The entire team involved in the project at Readymix (W.I) has been extremely impressed with all aspects of the plant from the initial conception through to the final end product, including consultation, engineering, service and aftersales support from both DUO and TWS.”

Sean Loughran, Director of TWS, commented, “The Trinidad sand and gravel washplant is a demonstration of yet another complex plant offered by DUO and TWS. Both DUO and TWS carefully considered the customer’s specific needs and manufactured a custom plant which is operating at 200tph and is much more efficient than Readymix’s previous plant, ultimately producing a more desirable product. This is supported by DUO’s specialist team of engineers, applications and aftersales technicians from initial conception through to final commissioning, all of which receives support from our engineering team. DUO is highly respected within the Trinidad market, having installed a number of other plants. They are valued not only for high quality products they sell but also for their high levels of application, technical knowledge and aftersales care and support.”

DUO and TWS are committed to providing all customers with excellent customer support and aftersales care and this was another unique appeal for Readymix (W.I) opting for a Terex washplant. Ravi Singh added, “What was also particularly appealing is the availability of spares if required and in addition the direct face to face contact we had with both DUO and TWS. The level of service was second to none throughout the installation and final commissioning of the plant.”

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