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    Debarker Line- heavy duty 55' long log deck10 chain runs 5/8 plate able to receive log truck load, S drive x 2 split drives for each half with sorting paddles to singulate logs. 4 sections belt conv 24"trough rolls 31' long, 42"inside conv, hyd drives for each comes with 6" pipe covers and plate /mess tops, 3 w side mount kickers built in. Debarker Nicholson a-5 27" debarker’s hyd tool slide out. 450" I beam 10x10.5 x 3/4 thick lots of t beam for cross bracing. 2 motor and gear boxes for s drive log deck 20 hp-1775 rpm-575 power. 2 Elect cabinets for 20 disconnects, 1 large switch gear main power. 2 dir drive hyd pumps and motors 50hp 1750 rpm 575 power. debarker ring 100 hp- 575 power. 2 cut off saws self standing frame 6'sw, 75hp-575-1175rpm. hyd pack 1 50 hp 1760/575, 1 20 hp 1765/575 2 pumps with cooler & self standing frame, 4 sections conv 12"bottom 46"top 125feet, motor and drive 15hp-575 , misc. drums and rolls. Located in Kamloops, BC. Listing sourced from Aug 24, 2019 11:41

    250-318-6578 |
    For Sale
    • Make: Nicholson
    • Model: Debarker
    • Type: Sawmills
    • Class: Used
    • Status: For Sale
    Last Updated: April 08, 2019 Views: 470 | Dealer Website Views: 0

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