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  • 5 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Father's Day

    By Supply Post

    5 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Father's Day

    Father's Day is this Sunday, and we've scoured the interwebs to find some cool gift ideas for dear old Dad!

    Father's Day Gift Idea #1

    Father's Day Gift Idea Scooter Cooler
    What's cooler than a Cooler-Scooter? Nothing. Nothing is cooler.

    What could be "cooler" this ride-on cooler scooter thing! Scoot your beer on over to the neighb's bbq in style! Don't forget to fill it with Dad's favourite brew

    Father's Day Gift Idea #2

    Fathers Day Gift Idea Do Nothing Lounge Centre
    You'll probably find me here. OK, you will definitely find me here.

    This amazing island of doing-nothingness will be where you will find Dad from now on. Add this video game to make it a complete time-wasting vortex. 
    Source: ManShed

    Father's Day Gift Idea #3 

    Fathers Day Gift Idea Beer of the Month Club Canada
    Cheers to Dad!

    Craft Beer of the Month Club. Why drink the same beer every day like some boring jerk? Now your empties will impress even the most jaded recycling worker!

    Father's Day Gift Idea #4

    Fathers Day Gift Idea Stihl Beard Shaver Trimmer Funny

    Amazing gift idea for beardy Dads — this should be a thing that exists!!! Am I right?
    Encourage Dad to drop the '90s douche donut, and suggest one of these Stylish Chin Bristles.

    Father's Day Gift Idea #5

    Fathers Day Gift Idea BBQ Trike Motorcycle
    Get your motor runnin'.... head out to the meat shop!

    Put your Crafty skills to good use, and weld up this epic BBQ trike for Dad! Pork ribs to go!
    Show your Dad the love and fire up some Smoky Memphis-Style Dry Ribs or a Juicy Rib-Eye Steak


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    Jun 11, 2018 - 12 days ago

  • Top Innovations To Change The Mining Market

    By Supply Post

    Top Innovations To Change The Mining Market

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    Jun 8, 2018 - 15 days ago

  • Site C dam construction

    By Supply Post

    Site C construction has been underway since July 2015. The following video shows construction progress on the right and left banks of the Site C dam site in April 2018.

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    Jun 7, 2018 - 16 days ago


    By Supply Post

    A new Paris is being born. And parts of the old city are taken down in the process. Where do the remains of an old city go? Follow the gravel.

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    Jun 7, 2018 - 16 days ago

  • Serious Supply Chain

    By Supply Post

    Once a nice-to-have extra, the effective management of supply chain sustainability is now fundamental to the running of a business. New policies, laws and technologies mean that companies are increasingly engaged in tackling the sustainability issues that can arise within their supply chains. CNH Industrial is among those leading the way by establishing new and sustainable working methods with its own suppliers.

    As part of a continuing dialogue with its suppliers, initiatives are arranged on a regional and global basis and tools are in place, such as the web-based Supplier Portal, which provide a platform for sharing information, objectives, results, and highlight key projects and best practice.

    The UN's Sustainable Development Goals agreed at a historic summit at the United Nations in New York, came into force in 2015. It saw the creation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which contains the 17 agreed Sustainable Development Goals encompassing issues such as poverty, gender equality, sustainable communities and clean energy.

    SDG 12 focuses on 'sustainable consumption and production patterns' and states that there "should be a systematic approach and cooperation among actors operating in the supply chain, from producer to final consumer." CNH Industrial has adopted the following two targets which demonstrate its commitment in this area:

      •        Sustainability self-evaluation of 100% of Tier 1 suppliers by 2022

      •        Monitoring of CO2 emissions of 100% of key suppliers by 2022

    However, there is far more to selecting a supplier than simply approving the quality and competitiveness of its products; CNH Industrial insists its suppliers must comply with a comprehensive list of social, ethical and environmental requirements.

    When asked who was responsible for sustainability at CNH Industrial, many senior managers replied: “Everyone!” You don’t become recognized as one of the world’s leading sustainable companies without an integrated and committed approach across the business. Sustainability is very much part of the culture at CNH Industrial and extends into the Company’s relationships with suppliers – those vital links in the supply chain. As such there is effectively no difference between how the multinational works with colleagues and how it does so with partners.

    New Supplier Relationships

    The scale of the industrial supply chain makes managing relationships with partner organizations tremendously complex. In order to start supplier relationships, a rigorous process is implemented to evaluate potential suppliers based on a specific tool, the PSA - Potential Supplier Assessment.

    The PSA identifies strengths and weaknesses, looks at key sustainability factors – specifically health and safety and environmental management – and is carried out before a company can submit to a tender.

    Furthermore, it stipulates that all new suppliers complete a commitment declaration, which is based on the CNH Industrial Supplier Code of Conduct. This declaration requests that they demonstrate a commitment to fighting corruption, protecting the environment, promoting health and safety at work, ensuring non-discrimination, prohibiting forced and child labour, and recognizing freedom of association.

    Monitoring Existing Suppliers

    The Company monitors its existing suppliers through a specific Assessment Process based on self-evaluations and audits. This activity is performed annually involving a group of chosen suppliers with the aim of gradually increasing the number of participating companies year-on-year. The supplier’s risk classification, deriving from previous assessments, is the trigger for eventual follow-up sustainability audits. Potential improvements and implementation activities are identified in the form of specific Action Plans which are developed together with suppliers.

    Supplier Sustainability Self Assessment (SSSA) is not only a tool for monitoring performance but it is also a way of promoting continuous improvement and encouraging good sustainability practices.

    In 2017, for example, 75 audits were carried out and 28 suppliers were involved in nearly 210 Action Plans for improvement. The audits focused on four key areas – environment, labour practices, human rights and impact on society. CNH Industrial strives to enhance overall performance by identifying specific supplier needs using training, communications and emergency planning.

    In terms of environmental impact, suppliers are invited to optimize their use of resources and minimize polluting emissions and greenhouse gases. They're encouraged to exercise the proper management of waste treatment and disposal, as well as to adopt appropriate methods of logistics management and water management.

    Building Ongoing Relationships

    CNH Industrial organizes a number of initiatives aimed at fostering relationships with suppliers.  One such example is its Technology Days which offer opportunities for suppliers to showcase innovation and cutting-edge products. Another is the "Come to our Plant" initiative where main suppliers are invited to visit the Company's plants and specific product lines, and finally the regular Supplier Advisory Council (SAC) meetings designed to foster an exchange of information and opinions.

    CNH Industrial's network of suppliers is crucial to securing continuity, but it also influences how public opinion reacts to the company's social and environmental stance. Which is why CNH Industrial works so hard to reinforce its values and strengthen its links with partners in the supply chain.

    Sustainability Assessment Training

    In order to underline the importance of the Supplier Sustainability Self Assessment (SSSA) tool, CNH Industrial invited two groups of suppliers to attend training sessions in Turin, Italy. The training was managed together by Sustainability Planning and Reporting, Supplier Relations and Supplier Quality functions.

    First, the Sustainability function gave suppliers an overview of CNH Industrial's already implemented Sustainability model which has led to the Company's inclusion as one of the Industry Leaders in the prestigious Dow Jones Indices, as well as an overview of the Company's sustainable approach to supply chain management. Supplier Relations then demonstrated how the Supplier Portal works as both an SSSA access tool and as an interactive platform for two-way communication with suppliers. The Supplier Quality Department presented the Assessment Tool, followed by an open question and answer session.

    CNH Industrial is planning to continue these training activities involving an even greater number of suppliers both face-to-face and through the Supplier Portal.

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    Jun 4, 2018 - 19 days ago

  • Massive Heavy Equipment Show to Fill Olympic Stadium with Tons of Big Iron This Week

    By Supply Post

    Montreal, QC – With big equipment for big projects, Expo Grands Travaux returns to Olympic Stadium this Friday and Saturday, April 27th and 28th, 2018. This mammoth heavy equipment show features tons of big iron on display from major OEMs and dealers. 

    This industry leading show is one of Canada’s largest heavy equipment events and this edition is certain to be another resounding success.  Exhibit space has once again sold out, ensuring visitors to the 2018 show will be able to connect with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing heavy equipment at the forefront of the industry.

    Held every two years, the last edition in 2016 welcomed 12,676 visitors and featured over 200 exhibitors displaying tons of heavy equipment for projects of all sizes.

    Popular features will return to the show such as

    ·         ‘Recruiting Here’, which connects job seekers with exhibiting companies on the hunt for new talent

    A new industry luncheon with guests speakers focusing on the topic “What does 2018-2019 hold in terms of infrastructure work?”
    Learn what’s new in the industry with live product demonstrations throughout the show.

    For a preview of the show’s floor plan, exhibitor list, and everything else that will be at the show, those planning to attend are encouraged to check out the Official Show Guide, which is now available online at or by clicking here.

    Convenient online pre-registration for the show is still available for a limited time, allowing visitors to fast-track their entrance directly onto the show floor. Registration is also available at the door and show badges are valid for both days of the event.

    Thank you to our Platinum sponsors. Make sure to stop by their booths at the show:

    LIEBHERR in booth 2300
    TOROMONT CAT in booth 2200
    ÉQUIPEMENTS TWIN in booths 1250 + 1300
    CIMI in booth 3300
    MANAC in booth 6240

    Thanks to our media partners :

    Show Hours:

    Friday, April 27           9:00 am – 5:00 pm

    Saturday, April 28       9:00 am – 4:00 pm


    Olympic Stadium

    4545 Rue Pierre De Coubertin

    Montreal, QC

    For more information, visit or find the show on Facebook.

    Media Inquiries:

    Mark Cusack, National Show Manager

    Master Promotions Ltd.


    [email protected]

    Shawn Murphy, Show Manager

    (français/anglais • French/English)

    Master Promotions Ltd.


    [email protected]

    Master Promotions Ltd. has been producing trade shows, consumer shows and conferences in Canada since 1973. Managing in excess of twenty-five events annually, Master Promotions Ltd. is Canada’s largest independent trade and consumer event management company. For complete company information and event schedule, visit

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    Apr 25, 2018 - 2 months ago

  • Protect Against Cyber Attacks: Tips Any Company Can Use

    By Supply Post

     As companies introduce connected technologies into the workplace and on the jobsite, they increase the risk of cyber attacks.

    Cyber attacks are affecting companies of all sizes. Smaller companies may actually be at higher risk if they don’t think it can happen to them and don’t take precautions.

    Don’t be complacent, says the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). Cybersecurity has become more complex, as malware attacks have continued to skyrocket, with ransomware leading the charge.

    AEM relays cybersecurity tips through its CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365 initiative, including the information below. Learn more at

    Commit to a Cybersecurity Strategy

    Routine data backup is the most effective counter to any ransomware demand, says Scott Schober, president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems. “User behaviour has not changed fast enough to keep pace with the onslaught of attacks.”

    Effective cybersecurity also requires everyone to participate.

    Key steps include:

    Cyber awareness training for all employees
    Teaching good cyber-hygiene throughout all levels and departments, in the office and at the jobsite
    Enlisting a qualified third party to help train and test staff

    Don’t Forget the Basics

    Be proactive and diligent, putting basic controls and protocols in place. These include:

    Create a regular backup plan for all data stored offsite.

    Use only name brand security software that automatically updates on every computer, tablet and laptop to combat the latest threats.
    Update all operating systems regularly and never use unsupported outdated software.
    Verify all firewalls have the latest security patches installed.
    Ensure all network mobile devices have both hardware and software encryption with a long and strong password or PIN required for access.
    Verify the Wi-Fi network within the company and at the job site is secure, encrypted and has a long and strong password. Set up MAC filtering to accept only pre-approved employee devices.

    Reinforce these controls and protocols through regular training sessions to help all employees so that ‘thinking cyber’ becomes part of everyone’s daily job requirements.

    “By raising awareness, employees will realize the importance of slowing down to question anything that seems a bit off,” Schober says.

    Looking Ahead

    While cybersecurity concerns are complex today, they will continue to grow as technology continues to evolve and impact organizations at every level.

    Every company that is connected to the Internet is a potential target for hackers.

    Taking the time now to invest in cybersecurity training and prevention methods can help ensure your company and jobsites remain safe and secure in the future. 

    Learn more about cybersecurity and other industry trending topics through AEM’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365 initiative.  

     AEM is the North American-based international trade group representing off-road equipment manufacturers and suppliers, with more than 950 companies and more than 200 product lines in the agriculture and construction-related sectors worldwide. AEM has an ownership stake in and manages several world-class exhibitions, including CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

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    Apr 24, 2018 - 2 months ago

  • Metro Vancouver Leads Canada And The US In Transit Ridership Growth

    By Supply Post

    Metro Vancouver saw more public transit ridership growth than anywhere else in Canada and the US last year according to latest statistics from the American Public Transit Association. Our region has experienced a 5.7 per cent year over year growth in the number of boardings on the system.

    Metro Vancouver is among only four urban areas with populations over one-million which saw ridership growth last year:

    1. Metro Vancouver: 5.7%
    2. Phoenix, AZ: 3.5%
    3. Seattle, WA: 2.3%
    4. Montreal, QC: 2.3%

    We can attribute this to a number of factors including economic growth in the region, high gas prices and the addition of the Millennium Line Evergreen Extension. Improvements underway as part of Phase One of the Mayors’ 10-Year Vision include:

    • A 10 per cent increase in bus and a 15 per cent increase in HandyDART service.
    • More frequent service on Expo, Millennium and Canada Lines.
    • SeaBus service at least every 15 minutes all day, every day.

    Phase One funding allowed us to add 210,000 bus service hours in 2017. We added new bus service to Silver Valley in Maple Ridge and Clayton Heights and Morgan Creek in Surrey. One-third of the new service hours targeted overcrowded bus routes. Many of these routes saw dramatic ridership increases such as:

    • 96 B-Line (Guildford Exchange/Newton Exchange): 17%.
    • 5 (Robson/Downtown): 20%.
    • 407 (Gilbert/Bridgeport): 14%.

    Customers can look forward to even more new service in the years to come thanks to other Phase One improvements including the accelerated delivery of 80 new SkyTrain and Canada Line cars beginning late this year, the addition of four new B-Line routes in 2019 and delivery of a new SeaBus vessel in early 2019. Construction of the Millennium Line Broadway Extension and light rail in Surrey as part of Phase Two will put public transit in reach of thousands more as the Metro Vancouver region continues to grow.


    Kevin Desmond, TransLink CEO –

    “More people are taking transit in Metro Vancouver than ever before. This data shows that when we invest in public transit, ridership rises. I’m so glad we were able to add this new service at a time when demand is surging. We are ready to build upon the success we’re seeing with the rollout of Phase Two of the Vision and keep this momentum alive.”

    Derek Corrigan, Mayor of the City of Burnaby –

    “It’s encouraging to see people in my city and around the region taking advantage of this new level of transit service available as the 10-Year Vision continues to roll out. Our region is hungry for more transit connections and capacity. The execution of Phase Two of the Vision and the improvements it will bring can keep this trend going. 

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    Apr 11, 2018 - 2 months ago

  • Celebrating a 100-Year Legacy of Tractors at John Deere

    By Supply Post

    Current employees share their historic family ties dating back to the acquisition of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.

    One hundred years ago Deere & Company changed the course of agricultural history when it purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and with it, the successful Waterloo Boy tractor line.

    While many events have helped shape John Deere during its rich 181-year history, likely none has been as transformative as Deere’s entry into the tractor and engine business on March 14, 1918.

    One hundred years later, there are still family ties to the Waterloo Boy tractor from current employees. See how their pride and loyalty are reflected in the work they do today.

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    Apr 5, 2018 - 2 months ago

  • Thousands Pre-Registered for Heavy Equipment Show Next Month

    By Supply Post

    Montreal, QC – Thousands of professionals in the heavy equipment industry are already registered for Expo Grands Travaux, one of the largest events of its type in Canada. The event makes its highly-anticipated return to the Olympic Stadium in Montreal April 27 and 28.

    “All signs point to a very big show for this year,” said Mark Cusack, National Show Manager. “With over 2,000 pre-registered visitors and just a few exhibit spaces remaining, we expect one of our largest crowds yet at Expo Grands Travaux.”

    Held every two years, the last edition in 2016 welcomed 12,676 visitors and featured over 200 exhibitors displaying tons of heavy equipment for projects of all sizes. The show will aim to continue its track record of bringing together qualified buyers, prospective new clients and exhibitors.

    Popular features will return to the show such as ‘Recruiting Here’, which connects job seekers with exhibiting companies on the hunt for new talent, plus LIVE product launches on the show floor. Exciting new features will include an industry luncheon with guests speakers focusing on the topic “What does 2018-2019 hold in terms of infrastructure work?”

    The 2018 edition of Expo Grands Travaux is proudly endorsed by the following key industry associations:

    Media Partners for 2018 :

    The event is proudly produced by Master Promotions Ltd. To register for the show, or for additional information, visit:


    Hours: Friday, April 27th, 2018, 10am – 5pm / Saturday, April 28th, 2018, 9am – 4pm
    Venue: Olympic Stadium/Le Stade olympique

    Media Inquiries:

    Mark Cusack, National Show Manager
    Master Promotions Ltd.
    [email protected]

    Shawn Murphy, Show Manager
    (francais/anglais • French/English)
    Master Promotions Ltd.
    [email protected]

    Master Promotions Ltd. has been producing trade shows, consumer shows and conferences in Canada since 1973. Managing in excess of twenty-five events annually, Master Promotions Ltd. is Canada’s largest independent trade and consumer event management company. For complete company information and event schedule, visit

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    Mar 20, 2018 - 3 months ago

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