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Ammann ATR 30

Jan 6, 2018

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The Perfect Tool For Cabling And Civil Engineering

Ammann recently introduced the ATR 30 rammer. This new, lightweight model extended the lower weight end of the rammer portfolio from Ammann and has proven to be highly successful. The rammer’s narrow foot and slim design make it an ideal fit for contractors who work in tight spaces or on jobs that require precise compaction.

One company that has had success with the ATR 30 is CK Civils, an engineering groundworks contractor working in and around the London/Kent region.

On one recent jobsite, the company had 20 workers installing ductwork and infrastructure for Virgin Media's fibre optic cabling roll out. This is a common application. Many of the rammers have been sold to firms that work in cable-related fields.

At the jobsite, CK Civils staff cited the following reasons as to why the Ammann ATR30 is the perfect fit for these jobs – and how there is nothing else in the market that compares. The rammer’s light weight – less than 30kg – allows a single worker to easily lift and manoeuvre the machine.

The cable work requires only a narrow trench, and the rammer provides efficiency by fitting that width.

The rammer does not “overpower” working in small, narrow pits, prevents damage to the adjacent surface.

It delivers proper compaction power but is gentle when needed. In this application, ducting is installed first and the fibre optic later. Ducts that are damaged must be removed and the process started over.

The open handle design gives the operator a great view of the rammer foot and compaction area. In the past they've tried larger rammers with small feet, which causes damage as the compaction forces were too high. They have also tried add-on pieces for narrow trenches on compaction plates but nothing works as quickly and efficiently as the ATR 30.