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SANY Unveiled Four New Compact Excavators At CON EXPO 2017.

Mar 22, 2017

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These additions broaden the, already robust, product lineup. SANY now offers seven excavators that are 10 USt or smaller.

The SY26U weighs in at 5,908 lb. It is the smallest of the new excavators, but it still offers many of the same features you expect to find on much larger machines. The SY26U comes standard with a fully enclosed cab and auxiliary hydraulics down the arm. This zero tail swing excavator provides the perfect balance between extreme accessibility and high productivity.

The SY50 is a bigger machine at 11,905 lb. It was designed for heavier work, but it still fits into tight spaces. The pivoting boom and zero tail swing allow the SY50 to work close to walls and barriers. This machine is packed full of structural reinforcements, giving the operator the confidence to tackle any job.

The SY60 is a 13,448 lb. excavator. This machine is even larger in size, but it still includes the pivoting boom. As is typical with all SANY excavators, the SY60 has auxiliary hydraulics down the arm. Thoughtful design makes scheduled maintenance more convenient with easily accessible service points and a detachable radiator screen.

The SY95 is the new heavyweight of the SANY compact line. It weighs 20,238 lb. and comes with all the grunt of a medium sized excavator. The, SANY developed, control system with load sensing hydraulics uses the perfect amount of engine power to ensure maximum speed and power under all operating conditions.

James Jarrell at SANY America said, “With the upcoming addition of 4 new utility excavator models, SANY Light Construction will deliver quality, value priced machines to meet every need in the North American market.”